LOL – LEC: MAD Lions stars in the All Pro Team of the Regular League with G2 Esports

LOL – LEC: MAD Lions stars in the All Pro Team of the Regular League with G2 Esports

After a regular season full of excite old continent. G2 eSports and MAD Lions finished first, ending the season with an acceptable 12-6.

Meanwhile, Rogue, Misfits Gaming, Fnatic and Excel Esports Complete the top six positions for the Playoffs road after a last crazy week to end with FNATIC as a great protagonist. As usual, LEC experts have chosen players who believe they stood out more during the regular season and that, after counting several votes, the European League has already decided to the team Kia All-Pro for the Split of the Split of Summer of this year’s LEC .


MAD Lions, undisputed leader of All-Pro Team

Second All-Pro Team

Third All-Pro Team

After a quite good start of the season after a spring split to forget, MAD Lions dominates in the best team of the regular season , with four members in the first Roster. Despite rejoining the LEC this summer, Nisqy has been luxurious to the position of the central lane with Elyoya, a synergy that has broken all the schemes. Finally, at the top we find the Turk of G2, Broken Blade.

Neon and Patrik have also exchanged positions since the spring season, with Neon located in the third team with 44 points, and finishing four points ahead of Patrik de Excel, which stays out for very little. Vetheo also joins next to Neon after an exhausting final week with 41 points. Finally, it is possible to recognize the great work of Markoon and Alphari , the only Excel and Vitality players, respectively, to be part of the All Pro teams despite the fact that the latter has not been classified to the LECyoffs of the LEC.

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