Alle 4 Navia Scenic Point

Alle 4 Navia Scenic Point

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Tower of Fantasy provides the players the chance to earn a great quantity of dark crystals and also exploration points by connecting with a variety of landscape factors that can be discovered generally areas. Aside from that, there are an overall of 4 factors in the Navia region, however where precisely is every Scenic Point? To respond to that as well as more Below is the placement of all Breathtaking points in the Navia region on Tower of Dream .

All 4 Navia Scenic Point locations in Tower of Dream


You can discover the Seventh Day Forest Scenic Point when you most likely to the Seventh Day Forest Spacerift. As soon as you have actually shown up there, you only have to go north to a hanging container that gets on the top of a cliff. The point goes to the top of the storage tank.

When you go south of the area’s Omnium tower towards the Damage C-02, you can find the First Navia Scenic Point. As quickly as you are near the wreck, you can locate the Scenic Point by going to the reception tower on the edge of the cliff with a sight of the island of Cetus. Don’t neglect to interact with the telescope and climb up the tower since you do both to obtain 2 black nucleus when you are in the location for the initial time.

The second point gets on among the high cliffs over the frost robot manager area. The high cliff in concern will certainly be faced with both Cetus Island and also Raincaller Island. As you can see on the map below, you can easily reach the location by initial mosting likely to Cetus Island Spacerift and after that sliding down with your jet pack.

When you go to the North Seventh Day Forest Spacerift, you can locate the last as well as 4th scenic point. As quickly as you have actually arrived there, you simply need to go to the vehicle that is at its side due to the fact that the point is there. You can check the exact placement of the Scenic Point listed below:

You can presently play Tower of Dream on PC, Android and iphone.

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Tower of Fantasy gives the players the chance to make a good amount of dark crystals and expedition points by connecting with a range of landscape points that can be located in the main areas. Apart from that, there are a total amount of 4 factors in the Navia area, yet where specifically is every Scenic Point? You can discover the First Navia Scenic Point when you go southern of the area’s Omnium tower towards the Damage C-02.

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