How to increase the prestige of the room in a two -point campus

How to increase the prestige of the room in a two -point campus

The Prestige system returned to Two Point Campus, but this time with some changes. Firstly, the maximum restriction in 5 prestige levels for a particular room no longer exists. Now they can be even 10. Secondly, spam gives less XP for the same duplicates of jewelry.

The Prestige system on Two Point Campus can be difficult to understand completely due to recently added changes. Read this leadership to learn more about it and save your campus at the highest level.

How Room Prestige works in a two-point campus

You can think about the level of prestige as a level of a particular room. The better your rooms/halls are contained, the higher the prestige you get for it.

When we talk about the Prestige system in the Two Point campus, many factors enter the game, including scenery, space, hygiene and maintenance. You need to monitor all these factors in order to extract maximum benefits from them and make a general high level of prestige in order to reap its fruits.

The presence of a higher level of prestige allows your students and employees to feel happier and makes them more effective in what they do. It also goes hand in hand with an increase in the level of happiness of employees and students.

For example, if you take a hostel and pump the prestige high enough, you should notice that housing rating is also increasing, which allows you to receive more rents.

You can also indirectly collect awards for performing some tasks that require you to a higher prestige level in a certain room.

How to increase the prestige of the room in a two-point campus

There are several ways to increase the prestige of the room. You need to focus on them all that will be easier to say than to do.

Do not feel the overloaded mass of game mechanics working on Two Point Campus. If it is difficult for you to increase the prestige of the room, you just need to wait and fulfill its requirements for the room.

make big rooms

The size of the room can affect your prestige in two aspects. Firstly, the basic prestige of the larger room will be relatively larger than a smaller room, which means that you will initially have a higher prestige in the hostel, for example, on the basis of 7×3 than in a hostel with a base of 4×4.

The second wonderful feature of the larger room is the ability to add more items to it, including jewelry, which further increases the number of prestigious prestige.

Use different types of jewelry

Adding jewelry to the room increases its prestige, but, unlike other previous games, folding several duplicates of the same decoration item on Two Point Campus actually reduces the prestige received for it.

For example, if the initial element of the decoration increases the prestige of the room by 35%, then the placement of the other will actually lead to a lower increase and so on.

That is why it is recommended to use two duplicates of the same item at the maximum, and then move on to the next, because the second duplicate does not exhaust the resulting prestige as significant as the third.


In addition, you can also decorate the exterior / surroundings by adding things such as fireplaces, etc., to increase the average prestige level of your campus.

Pay attention to hygiene and care

The placement of objects such as disinfectants for hand or garbage tanks increases the level of hygiene in a particular room, as well as prestige. In addition, you can also appoint cleaners to serve a certain room, which will raise this prestige even more.

/ Follow the temperature

Some campuses may have an excellent total temperature, and you do not need to do a lot with it. But others can be either cold or hot.

When the room is chosen, you can see the temperature indicated on the strip on the right. This will tell you how to adjust the temperature. You can place small or large radiators to make it warmer, or place air conditioners to make it cool.

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