Two Point Campus Academic Exercise Guide

Two Point Campus Academic Exercise Guide

Academic exercises are a course dedicated to the physical health of students in the Two Point campus. The main goal of this course is to popularize physical activity.

The following leadership explains everything that you need to know about the course of academic exercises in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock academic exercises

Academic exercises are one of many academic courses available at the very beginning of Fluffboro, the sixth campus in the game.

Requirements for academic exercises

Firstly, you need a teacher with qualifications on academic exercises to conduct a class. Please note that this is a three-year course, which means that you will have to update the course if you want to teach your teachers to teach above 3.

There are three academic rooms that you need to complete the course of academic exercises: a lecture hall, a field for cheese balls and a gym. All three of them will help students complete their classes and tasks during the three-year period.

In addition, part of the halls can be used for various events. You can conduct film screenings in lecture halls and matches on a cheesball on a cheesball field. The gym, on the other hand, helps to improve students’ health.

The best items and rooms for academic exercises

Satisfying the needs of students plays an important role in increasing the rating of your campus. Therefore, to maintain their level of happiness at the highest level is your task on Two Point Campus. You can start with the fact that you will help them improve their student tasks, that is, tasks that are prescribed outside the class to increase XP.

  • Library
  • Sloping wall
  • Basketball ring
  • Static bike
  • High jump
  • Horizontal bar for pull-ups
  • Coaling course
  • Bench for exercises
  • Bookcase for academic exercises
  • Cabin of records
  • Computer cabin
  • Educational cabin
  • Educational cabin
  • Chisbol car

tips on academic exercises

  • Since this course is completely devoted to fitness, make sure that your students have access to hygiene rules. Keep the gym cleanliness with showers and bathrooms nearby.
  • Have many ways to give students food and water. Students of this course will have an increased level of hunger and thirst.

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