Lol – Riot already works on the two most ordered champions for the community: a Darkin and a sorcerer

Lol – Riot already works on the two most ordered champions for the community: a Darkin and a sorcerer

As happens from time to time throughout the season, Riot Games has just published a update of all the new delight of legends . From new characters to changes in the metajuego, the American developer has gradually explained everything that will reach her Moba, leaving us with several very important news for the players. While the operation of the game is important, what always attracts attention is Information about the new characters that will land in the Roster , thus increasing the possibilities and characters to play.


On the one hand, the new champion from Shurima has been presented to , specifically a resident Toplaner of Nazuma and receiving the name of K’sante . However, what has truly caught the attention of many has been the announcement of two other champions that the community has been asking for a long time and that are finally in development: a Darkin murderer and a male sorcerer.

A murder Darkin arrives to terrify the invoker’s crack

First, we have been able to meet the new murderous champion that will reach the game. From the company, many listened to several comments from the community about whether we will see more champions Darkin that have a Super Molona weapon and a set of skills that revolve around it. Without a name yet, Riot has confirmed that this new weapon will be a dark dagger , although nothing has been said about the champion. However, seeing the shape of the dagger and knowing that he will be a murderer, he is likely to be a champion with a style similar to Akali.

Thus, a new member of this line of champions Darkin is confirmed that will accompany aatrox and his sword, varus and his arc and * rhaast * (The Red Kayn) and his infernal sickle.

The male sorcerer friend of creatures

Apart from a new Darkin, many players had also asked to continue expanding the Ixtal region , so have joined this request with another that had already been at Riot Games’s head: A male sorcerer . As Riot herself told, this champion will show us a very different side of Ixtal, far from the luxurious palaces in which Qiyana grew. The artistic advance of the champion is three species of fateful fires that aim to be a character’s assistants during the game, either as a skill or as a passive as it happens with bard.

We still do not know exactly when these champions will arrive in the game, but Everything indicates that we will see it during the first semester of 2023 , as has happened with Zeri, Renata Glasc and Bel’veth.

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