How to increase the percentage of graduates in the Two Point campus

How to increase the percentage of graduates in the Two Point campus

On Two Point Campus, you want your students to study well. If they quit their studies or fail until the end of their studies, something needs to be changed. We have all the areas that you can improve. You will soon have a full graduation class.

The best ways to increase the level of graduates in the Two Point campus

The level of graduates in the Two Point campus is, in fact, the number of students who begin to study in your campus and ultimately end it. If students abandon classes or exclude from their classes, the percentage of graduates of your campus will decrease. Here are the factors that you need to maintain in a good account in order to keep students for a long time to get a higher education:

Class quality *
Student satisfaction
* Health, entertainment, hygiene, energy
Campus Prestige
* The cost of campus for example, courses and dormitory rental (this is less influence)

how to improve class quality

The quality of the class on Two Point Campus is to monitor their classes and not allow things to obsolete. You will want to follow the opportunities to improve and expand. Here are some things that you can do to improve the quality of your class on Two Point Hospital:

rental * all the necessary staff
Teach all staff when possible
Use the course points to advanced training courses

Provide A wider selection of courses *

How to increase the average rating and score in the Two Point campus

The main topic of what will increase the academic performance of students in the Two Point campus is ensuring that students receive good care and have the resources that they need to achieve success. This is what you should do if you want to increase the average score and points of your students in the campus:

Provide and update Library centers for study
Build Private training rooms for students
Target improvement Where do you see bad performance
* For example, train an employee if many students have poor ratings on the course.
Have student needs * filled (hunger, relaxation, etc.)


how to see grades

You can check students’ estimates in two main ways. Firstly, to see the general grades for students in Campus Review Part Campus Management in the lower part of the screen. Academics Part of the review will give you all the necessary average values, such as the percentage of graduates and the average score.

If you want to see the grades of specific students, or click on the student separately while he works, or find the student menu. To do this, click on personnel management in the lower part of the screen, and then click students . This will show you the information, including grades, of all students.

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