How to make students happy in the Two Point campus

How to make students happy in the Two Point campus

Student happiness in the Two Point campus is an important mechanics. Happy students increase your level in campus, improve their test results and improve relations with other students. This generally makes your college better. Moreover, for some star purposes, you need to maintain happiness above a certain level. Below we told in detail how to increase the level of happiness and make students happy in the Two Point campus.

satisfy their needs


Each student in the Two Point campus has a number of needs, including energy, food, comfort in the toilet, entertainment, hygiene, drinks and health. Satisfying these needs will make them happy and cheer up. Do this with the items that you will place in the campus. For example, benches will prevent a decrease in energy, and beds in a hostel will make up for energy. Rolls with drinks and appetizers for snacks will replenish drinks and food, respectively.

improve the environment

The environment affects the mood of students. Increase the prestige of the rooms that the student uses to cheer up. For example, a student will be happier in a large class with a large number of subjects than in a small cramped one, where there are few objects. Additionally, you can place items that increase the attractiveness of the surrounding area to improve their mood. Finally, at certain levels, you will need to use objects to maintain the desired temperature in the campus, otherwise students will be dissatisfied with the temperature.

Make life in a campus better

A general lifestyle in campus can make students happy or sad. Make sure there are many clubs and good housing. If the student has a personal goal (usually sent to your messages), fulfill it to improve his mood. In addition, relations and fees will affect the mood of the student. If everyone is unhappy, try adding more items that will improve relationships, or reduce the training fee.

What to do if you cannot make a student happy

If you desperately need a few percent of happiness to go through the level, then there is a good trick for this. Just exclude students with the lowest level of happiness. Usually it is also better to focus on students with the lowest grades, but in general, if you need only a few percent to complete the task, you should exclude dissatisfied students.

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