How to farm Kudosh on Two Point Campus

How to farm Kudosh on Two Point Campus

On Two Point Campus Kudosh is an additional currency used to unlock objects. Usually these are secondary objects of rooms that fulfill the personal goals of students or increase prestige. But how to get kudosh and how best to farm it. We have listed the ways to get Kudosh below.


How to make money kudosh in Two Point campus

Kudosh is received as a reward for performing a number of additional tasks in the Two Point campus. This includes:

Filling and claim Career goals
Acceptance inspection as well as open doors
Inspectorate as well as open doors
Clicking on Bookworms You notice in a campus (although sometimes they just fall in cash)
Victory Awards
Completion Commercial research
Completion goals

What is the best way to farm Kudosh?

Of course, the easiest way to earn kudosh is career goals . There are many of them, and they are also easy to track, because you can tie them to your goals. As a result, you will need to manually get Kudosh, but in any case this is a good way to get currency. There is even the purpose of the career for making kudosh, so this is the perfect way to earn even more.

Career goals bring more fame depending on the level. Here is the amount of kudosh that you can earn for the level:

  • Level 1-50 kudosh
  • Level 2-75 kudosh
  • Level 3-100 praise

The next best way inspection as well as open doors . It’s to mess around and do nothing. You will earn at least 10 Kudosh regardless of the result and bonus kudosh for the best results.

Finally, research work in Research Laboratory will often earn fame. However, time and investment here is much higher than other goals. We also do not recommend relying on pressing Bookworms ! In general, you must focus on these checks, open days and career purposes in order to get as much fame as possible.

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