Tips and recommendations for Two Point campus for beginners

Tips and recommendations for Two Point campus for beginners

When you play on Two Point Campus, very often at some point you are overloaded. You manage the whole university yourself! That is why we brought you our best advice and recommendations that will help you return to the right path!

The best tips for a two-point campus

It may be difficult to get the maximum return from the game if you still know little about the game. Fortunately, we do! Here are a few simple tips that seem to us simple, but integral to get an excellent game experience on Two Point Hospital:

  • As soon as you start acting, the profit will begin to arrive. At first, it is easy to forget about them, as they are minimal, and you are still busy arranging your campus. But do not neglect the monitoring of your profit ! If you forget about it, a small decrease in income can turn into quick bankruptcy before you notice it. Pay attention to any decrease trends to determine the cause; Similarly, try to reproduce actions that led to higher profit.
    * Do not be afraid to restart the game if you do not like the current path that you installed for yourself. Sometimes you simply cannot get into the right direction. And leaving in the same course can lead to useless and disappointing experience.

tricks in decoration and construction

Finishing and construction underlie the successful management of the university. That is why we recommend using the following techniques to get the maximum return on your project:

  • So it may sound as if we are deceiving you, but we swear that this is not so. You both should decorate a lot, but do not decorate too much . By this we mean that the decoration and increase in prestige is good, but there is a limit. Make sure that you do not overload one space in tons of decor, because it will cease to mix after it is so crowded. Lay your decor naturally to achieve the maximum effect.
    *When you start building,
    do not make giant rooms . They occupy valuable real estate and will ultimately force other rooms to be content with less space. Try to determine the suitable size based on the needs of the room. The lecture halls will be more than bathrooms, but they do not have to be as large as sports grounds.
    *Just like in the Two Point,
    vending machines and other micro-equipment will be your best friend when you first begin to decorate. Trading machines and dispensers with a disinfectant for hand, in particular, will quickly increase the level of hygiene and happiness of students. Be careful, do not abuse with vending machines **, although in culinary campuses.

Best Strategies when starting Two Point Campus

Being a beginner in any game may not be easy. Even if the game gives a lot of pleasure, slow progress may still be disappointed. If you just start and feel a little exhausted, read the following strategies:

Check out the Two Point * campus and make a game plan for the next 30 minutes or so. This may seem obvious, but some players are so passionate about the game that they do not waste time on how to get acquainted with the game. Textbooks are boring, we know. But they really benefit you in the long run and extend the pleasure of the game.
Pay attention to the modifiers and perki . For example, all employees will have a set of negative and/or positive effects that will change their work. Familiarization with them will give you the best chances of the effective use of staff.
When it comes to the need for more money, be careful when making a decision on whether to take a loan or not. This is due to the fact that, although loans are not always bad, often this decision, which is best Take later. If you are on the verge of bankruptcy and just started playing, it is better to restart and try again.

The best tips for 3-star campus in Two Point campus

In the Two Point 3 campus, this is the best result that you can get for the level of campus. The score is highly valued and becomes increasingly difficult to achieve with each increase in level. Use these reasonable tips that we collected if you want to increase your chances of achieving and star campus:

  • If your money ends or you will not make a profit, you will be mistaken in Two Point Campus. Do not think that the presence of the most beautiful campus or happiest students will bring you three stars. This can be true only at the first or two levels; After that, cracks will begin to appear. You cannot perform other tasks without money, so be conservative in your finances !
    Always know what you will buy or build further *. This guarantees that you will always have something to do, but it also means that you will not make hasty decisions on the purchase, which you will regret about later.
  • Pay attention to your students and a university town. Highlight the timeout through the interval you have chosen to make check all the aspects of your campus . This includes the level of prestige, assessments, relationships, staff and much more. It is much easier to fix the error in advance.
  • To comment on the last point, you should always know your next move. This will not lead to the rapid growth of your campus. You still need to do not rush and buy updates gradually .

How to quickly go through the game Two Point Campus

Do you want to try your forces in an speed-ranking for beginners on Two Point Campus? Here are a few quick tips and strategies that you should remember if you want to finish the game quickly:

  • If you want to get only one star (or two, depending on the requirements) on each lot, then refuse tips on the pace of your updates. You still want to follow your budget, but do not be afraid to quickly update useful equipment and objects.

* Small rooms are still useful when playing speed, but be sure to allocate an extra minute or two at the beginning of each campus for planning. Stop and Think where you want rooms and why . This will become easier after you play for a while. A blurry plan will help you make a decision faster in the future.

  • Find the extraneous aspects of your campus and get rid of them. This will increase your money to complete the necessary tasks. If you have two additional lecture halls, you can remove at least 1. Consider the possibility of abandon useless accessories and rooms. What, as they say, do not save too much on prestige items .

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