Which kind of pupil you go to university

Which kind of pupil you go to university

What is 2 Point Campus? In 2 Point Campus you put with each other a college in caring little work, supplies crazy courses and also invites also insane students and speakers.

** The Uni-Simulatortwo Point Campus lets you hold a number of insane programs for even more insane students. Experience it in our big personality quiz to Two Point Campus!


You look that whatever runs efficiently and also that the entire university does not go broke once more after a semester due to the fact that you invested way too much money on flower beds as well as decor. This first perception of 2 Point Campus describes exactly how the game feels.

from the knight train to cyborg-which transformed studi are you?

Just how does the test go off? You have a solution per concern and depending upon exactly how you vote, you will certainly be appointed to a details kind of trainee. The amount of the tasks at the end determines what sort of studi you go to the crazy university.

You can duplicate the quiz as frequently as you like, however throughout the quizza you can no much longer be revised. So if you have completely clicked, then simply restart the test by filling the page once more.

The different trainees come in all kinds of archetypes, including goths, geeks as well as knights. Which type of student are you in Two Point Campus?

To learn, we have actually prepared a amazing and funny test for you. In this character examination you can figure out whether you can find yourself as a knight in the training course for lance passages or like to screw around awesome robotics.

Have a good time voting!

Right here you can buy 2 Point Campus

If you are already anticipating life at the crazy university, after that the moody video game can purchase you from August 9, 2022 for the Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4 and also 5, Vapor in addition to the Xbox One in addition to Collection S/X.

** The Uni-Simulatortwo Point Campus allows you hold a number of crazy courses for even more insane students. Experience it in our large character test to 2 Point Campus! Which type of pupil are you in 2 Point Campus?

** You have a solution per question and also depending on just how you elect, you will be appointed to a details type of student.

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