FIFA Mobile premieres update with Manager mode and 30 selections

FIFA Mobile premieres update with Manager mode and 30 selections

EA Sports htactics just confirmed that The new FIFA Mobile update is now available, whose news is included The desired manager mode of the game . This allows us to play games (and overcome our rivals) tactics never before: only btacticsed on planning strategies and adjusting tactics in real time. It will feature its own rival division cltacticssification system and we will have to tacticscend for it btacticsed on victories if we want to become a real FIFA champion . Thus describes the developer this new game mode:

The manager mode is a totally automatic way that gives players the total control of the tactics and strategies of a team, putting the person at the controls in charge of dozens of different tactics levers There are four preset (attack, control, counterattack and defense), but the choice must depend not only on the strengths and weak points of your team, but also on those of the rival and the situation of the party. Therefore, FIFA Mobile will allow Retocate the four existing tactics or review them completely to adapt them to the needs of each set.

more novelties for FIFA Mobile

It is not the only novelty of this update, with which there are also several improvements in the gameplay that facilitate the change of players, incretacticse the ability of the goalkeepers and correct the multiple feet errors. In addition, FIFA Mobile is preparing for Qatar 2022 and htactics included the equipment, logos and shields of more than 30 different national teams so that we can support our favorite countries and defend their colors in international meetings.

For those who encourage you From this other link of the App Store.

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