Tips for two -point diagnostics in the hospital

Tips for two -point diagnostics in the hospital

Diagnosis is the very first step in the treatment of diseases in any hospital. But there are certain narrow places when reaching an ideal diagnosis. Increasing the efficiency of the diagnostic office on Two Point Hospital does not mean adding expensive devices such as X-Ray and Mega Scan. You can read this leadership to find out the best tips for launching a diagnostic cabinet in the Two Point hospital.

tips for two-point diagnostics in the hospital

Expert Diagnostics Expresser in the Office of General Practice


As soon as the patient enters the hospital premises, he is immediately sent to the therapist’s office for diagnosis. If the disease is not diagnosed, the patient is sent to another diagnostic office to increase the reliability of the diagnosis.

When there is an experienced doctor in the therapist’s office, he sends the patient to the correct diagnostic office. The reliability of the diagnosis will increase to the required level, mainly to 90%, per visit.

If the doctor is inexperienced, he by mistake will direct the patient to the wrong diagnostic office. This will make an increase in the reliability of the diagnosis by a big problem. And if you prematurely send the patient for treatment with a low reliability of the diagnosis, the treatment rate may suffer.

Changing the reliability of the diagnosis

The reliability of the diagnosis is how sure the doctor is in the diagnosis he made. Then the indicator of successful treatment directly correlates with the percentage of the reliability of the diagnosis. The Two Point hospital has given us the opportunity to change the reliability of the diagnosis.

The advantage of reducing the reliability of the diagnosis is that this will reduce the total treatment time to visit the patient. There will be less diagnostic clogging in the therapist’s office.

You can treat more patients for the same time and earn more money. The patient may die due to an incorrect diagnosis, which will ultimately reduce the general reputation of the hospital.

The best reliability of the diagnosis that can be established is 99%, because in this way you are 100% confident in the diagnosis made to any patient. This is more ethical, but it will require your diagnostic department to be strong.

Hire the expert doctors for diagnosis and look for any line outside the diagnosis in the therapist’s office. If the diagnosis is long in line, then either replace the doctor with a specialist, or add another therapist to the existing one.

You can set a reminder of the limitation of the queue by going into the settings. Install it by 3 and take measures when it exceeds 5 by pointing the cursor to the therapist’s office.

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