Stranger Things actor clarifies the sexuality of Will Byers

Stranger Things actor clarifies the sexuality of Will Byers

Although the supernatural themes and the battle between the real world and the Upside Down are some of the most striking aspects of Stranger Things _, we must not forget that at the end of the day, the series was a success thanks to its characters. Within the extensive catalog, Will Byers has always attracted attention, and during the last season he had a series of interesting moments, where everything indicates that this character is gay. Now, During an interview, his actor, Noah Schnapp, confirmed this.

In a talk with Variety, Schnapp confirmed that, yes, Will is gay. This was something that was made more than clear throughout the fourth season of stranger Things, with a series of conversations pointing to this revelation . While there was never a dialogue that explicitly gave us a confirmation, there was no need. This was what the actor said about it:

Obviously, he hinted at season 1: He was always there, but he never really knew, is it just that he grows slower than his friends? Now that he has aged, they made him something very real and obvious. Now it is 100% clear that he is gay and he loves Mike.


I think it’s very well done, because it is very easy to make a character, suddenly, be gay. People have approached me: I was in Paris and this man in his 40s approached me and said: ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so well. And I really related to that. That is exactly what I was when I was a child.

That made me so happy to listen. They are writing this real character, his trip and struggle are real, and they are doing very well.

During the first two seasons, Will’s character was more focused on his relationship with Upside Down, but at the beginning of the third we saw a new facet, one that wishes to recover the lost time, and in the most recent season was explored The character’s sexuality . It will be interesting to see what Will’s role in the future will be.

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Editor note :

Although a gay character had already been introduced in the series, being Robbin, having representation within the main repertoire of characters is much better for the LGBTQ+community. Considering the treatment given to the role of Maya Hawke, it is more than sure that Will will be treated with all the respect he deserves.

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