How to lead patients in the Two Point hospital

How to lead patients in the Two Point hospital

If you know how to manage patients on Two Point Hospital, it will be quite easy for you, and it will be very useful. Happy and satisfied patients can increase your hospital’s reputation.

With a good reputation, more patients will visit your hospital. This manual has all the means that will help you more effectively manage the hospital on Two Point Hospital.

How to lead patients in the Two Point hospital

With the exception of offices and departments of general practitioners, diagnostic rooms are not required anywhere else. In addition to diagnostic rooms, there are other rooms to obtain accurate diagnosis to facilitate the treatment of patients.

Depending on your level of diagnostic knowledge, you may need less diagnostic rooms than usual. Finally, the chances of patients for death increase as they are left without treatment. There is no need to use all available diagnostic rooms. In some places, psychiatric rooms are not even required.

To learn more about patients, click on their names. By clicking on patients, you can view the accuracy of the diagnosis. If you are satisfied with only three diagnostic cabins, then it is to be so; You do not need anything else.

Build nearby diagnostic rooms

Patients will move from one diagnostic cabinet to another to achieve an accurate diagnostic interest. Then they will undergo treatment. You will be informed if your diagnosis is not accurate enough, so you do not need to engage in the micro-government. As a result, make sure that your diagnostic rooms are located next to each other so that patients do not have to overcome long distances before getting treatment.

For diagnosis, it is recommended to distinguish one piece of land, otherwise at least one side of the site is too large.

Thus, patients will receive a quick diagnosis and will be able to immediately start treatment, which will reduce the time they should spend in the hospital and reduce the risk of their death before they receive treatment.

watch the tab Politics

The Politics tab should be marked on the Review screen. When the patient is successfully diagnosed, set a flag that allows him to begin directly to treatment, without visiting his attending physician.

Patients will be able to walk less, and general practitioners will not feel overloaded with patients whom they already know.

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