The best Palico skills in Mhr Sunbreak

The best Palico skills in Mhr Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise increased the usefulness of Palico in the series, especially in Sunbreak. Palico can now be supplied with friendship skills that allow players to create their fluffy companions using support or attack builds. But what skills should be used?

Best Palico skill in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

When it comes to which skills to equip on Palico, we strongly recommend support for support. In the end, when it comes to damage and real struggle with monsters, a player and any other cooperators will take care of this. Palico is best suited to throw healing and keep everyone at the top of health.

Baddy Friendship *
* Also restores the health of the hunter when self-healing is used.
* 2 memory joint
Baddy Breezer
* Will perform healing actions, even when not in battle
* 2 memory joint
Touching a medic
* Increases the amount of health restored during treatment
* 3 memory joint venture
* Support Center

* Simplified the use of paramuta support and equipment, but the attack and defense are reduced.
* 2 memory joint

* upward protection
* Significantly increases protection and negates the effects of reducing protection.

* 1

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