Skyrim Together Reborn Mod – How to play Skyrim in co-op mode

Skyrim Together Reborn Mod – How to play Skyrim in co-op mode

Skyrim is a popular game due to its replayability, rich fantasy world, and addictive gameplay. However, what it doesn’t have is an online co-op. This is where the Skyrim Together Reborn mod comes to the rescue. Try this mod with your friends by following a few simple steps.


What is the Skyrim Together Reborn mod?

For Skyrim fans who have always wanted an online multiplayer game, Skyrim Together Reborn Mod could be the answer. The mod was created by The Together Team, a group that volunteered to work together to create a project dedicated to gaming passion. It uses online servers initiated by group members to join one shared Skyrim game.

How many players can play on one server in Skyrim Together Reborn Mod?

Skyrim Together Reborn Mod is not intended for MMO, as the Together team has explicitly stated. The ideal number is between two and eight players. to have on one server. While this is the ideal number, the mod makers have stated that they have tested up to 30 players per server at a time.

Will your other mods work with the Skyrim Together Reborn mod?

According to the creators of the mod, if you and another member of the online co-op have the same visual mods, you will both see them online.. If there are conflicting visual mods, it seems like Skyrim will default to vanilla visuals. As for game mods, it looks like they can’t be supported by the mod. This may change in the future, but the creators didn’t say so.

Skyrim Together Reborn Mod-How to Download

What are the requirements for Skyrim Together Reborn Mod?

The most important requirement for Skyrim Together Reborn Mod is that you have the Skyrim Special Edition of the game. You don’t need Anniversary Edition for the mod to work on Special Edition..

For some players, this may be a matter of course, but you need the Steam (PC) version of Skyrim to play. If friends want to play co-op, they both need the Skyrim Together Reborn Mod. to do so.

Finally, you will need to download the address library mod for SKSE plugins on Nexus Mods. You need to download this mod for the Skyrim Together Reborn mod to work. This is because the mod helps distinguish between the Special Edition and Anniversary Edition of Skyrim, which is necessary for the stability of online co-op.

How to install Skyrim Together Reborn Mod

The Together team has created a tutorial video on YouTube that will walk you through the process of installing and creating a server. They recommend that all new mod users watch the video to get the hang of it. We left the video above, but we will also break down the necessary installation instructions:

  • Create an account or login to the Nexus Mods site. After logging in, download the Skyrim Together Reborn mod.
  • Unzip the mod file and move it to the Skyrim game files on your PC. Find these files by selecting Browse Local Files in Steam after selecting Manage on the Skyrim option in your library.
  • To start an online game, click on the SkyrimTogether.exe file. This way you will need to launch the game every time you want to use the mod.

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