1 VS 100: Jeff Teper apparently brand-new team lead

1 VS 100: Jeff Teper apparently brand-new team lead

For many years, several players have had a brand-new version of the Xbox 360 game show 1 VS 100. Even Xbox chief Phil Spencer wants a return of the program, as he said at the end of 2020.

A brand-new program has actually not yet been officially verified.
In November 2021 the rumor occurred that Microsoft would work on it.
During the development, there were currently apparently workers modifications.
Team Lead Alex Kipman, that had actually previously been accountable for the task, quit his article for allegations of verbal misuse and also sexual harassment.
Expert Jeff Grubb stated the separation of the Group Leads of a tweet, to which Jez Corden of Windows Central likewise joined.
According to Corden, Jeff Teper is stated to have actually taken over the group of 1 VS 100.
In spite of the departure of Kipman, that was formerly in charge of the Hololense program, the development of 1 VS 100 appears to continue.

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