Mmorpg Traha will receive a global version

Mmorpg Traha will receive a global version

Traha is the mobile MMORPG, which went out in South Korea in 2019 and collected more than 4 million preliminary registrations, and then climbed in 6th place in the top of the most earning games in the country. A few months later, Traha Infinity was released, but both projects still did not have a global version.


Today, the Moai Games reported that they are now busy developing Traha Global, a global version with a single build, which focuses on manual control of a character, and therefore extremely dependent on the player’s abilities. The information about whether the developers will delete the possibility of autoboy, no one told us.

The ZBT Traha Global is scheduled for late July for several Asian countries, and the global release will take place before the end of this year. Whether this MMORPG will have a PC version is unknown.

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