Peyote plants in GTA V and GTA online: where to find them all to fly to the Wonderland

Peyote plants in GTA V and GTA online: where to find them all to fly to the Wonderland

The peyote plants of GTA V and GTA online are very interesting collectibles. When finding and consuming them, they allow you to freak up a lot and become animals . You don’t know which one are you going to become, so delirium is much greater. Then I tell you where to find all the peyotes both in the story mode and in the multiplayer.

The first thing you should know is that Peyote plants have different locations in GTA V and GTA online. In addition, while in GTA V they have fixed positions, in GTA online they are not always available. You should wait for Rockstar to act during special events such as Halloween, for example. Finally, they have no rewards as such.

Pink icons *: peyote plants online mode
Blue icons *: Peyote plants of the story mode.

Terrestrial animals *: wild boar, cat, chicken, puma, coyote, cow, alce, pork, dog (different races), rabbit, large cormorant, crow, dove and seagull.
Aquatic animals : Dolphin, fish, orca, mantarrya, hammer shark and tiger shark.
SPECIAL ANIMALS : Chop (Franklin dog), there is a certain possibility of becoming this dog using the peyote next to the Franklin house, and Bigfoot with the Peyote del Monte Chiliad, in Grapeseed between 03:00-08: 00 and when there is fog.

As in the rest of the guides, I recommend you look at gta 5 Map __ (interactive map of GTA v) while you carry out the search. Select hide all to remove all the icons from the map and then peyote plant in collectibles (history mode)and peyote plant_ in online (online mode).

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