[Monthly Indie] Exciting and Sometimes cool indie game summer project

[Monthly Indie] Exciting and Sometimes cool indie game summer project

In summer, many people think of the season of horror. In fact, there is no horror movie or a horror game to forget the heat of midsummer. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone likes horror genres. Isn’t it a horror genre to enjoy only people who enjoy? So this monthly Indie, I came with other genres other than horrors. From games where you can enjoy cool action to games that will warm your mind.

Game Name: Hongma Castle Remilia Symphony (KOUMAJOU Remilia: Scarlet Symphony)
Platform: PC, NS
Release Date: July 28, 2022
Keywords: #Metrobania #2nd creation

There is a game that has been influential for more than 10 years in the Dongin Game Scene, which is an indie game scene in Japan. The main character is the barrage shooting game Eastern project made by Zun’s one-man circle Shanghai Alice Orchestra. More than 20 games made by Zun, the founder of the Eastern Project, and the second-time creative game based on this is about dozens of games that are known to some extent..

As the second creation is so active, it is a Dongbang project that started with a barrage shooting, but it has been created in the second genre so far. From the original shooting to fighting, action, RPG, simulation, rhythm, card game. In fact, there is no genre without a genre.

‘Hongma Castle Remilia Spring Symphony’ is a game that remarked the second-time creative game Hongma Castle Legendary Symphony, which was released in 2009 as the Metro Bania genre. As you can see from the Metobanian genre, ‘Hongma Castle Remilia’s Symphony’ reminds us of the Devil Castle Dracula series in many ways. Starting with the 2D side-scrolling action, it is a dark atmosphere that is somewhat far away from Onusa, who is whip-like, and the original character design. Instead of simply trying to ride the popularity of the Eastern project, they collect and combine each advantage and combine them as a characteristic of ‘Hongma Castle Remilia Spring Symphony’.

As you can see from the addition of the Eastern Project to the Devil Castle Dracula, ‘Hongma Castle Remilia’s Symphony’ is not simply a game that is the same as the Eastern project. The basic combat method is similar to the Devil Castle Dracula series, but the boss battle is different.

Like the second creative game of the Eastern Project based on a barrage shooting, ‘Hongma Castle Remilia Spring Symphony’ also melted this feature in the game. In the game, the bosses with diverse barrage patterns, such as Hong Maying, Izayoi Sakuya, Alice Magatroid, and Pachuri Ridge, have to close the road, so they have to identify their patterns and target them.

Unlike the general remastered title, various elements will be added to the ‘Symphony of Hongma Castle Remilia’. In addition to supporting HD graphics, a new scenario that was not in the original is added, and Ibuki Suika is added to the original Marisa and Cirno. This is not the end. Extra Easy Mode will be introduced for gamers who are not familiar with action games, and finally, the full voice dubbing of the luxurious voice actors will entertain the ears of gamers.

As a Dongin game, it is an exceptional remastered and released to Steam. If you are a gamer looking for a new Metro Bania genre, and if you are a gamer who likes the Eastern Project series, don’t miss the ‘Hongma Castle Remilia Sprinkle Symphony’, which will be released on July 28. Don’t you know again? The success of the game will also be remastered by the true marriage of Hongma Castle Legend 2 Yo-hwan, the sequel to Hongma Castle Legend.

Game name: Stray
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5
Release Date: July 19, 2022
Keywords: #Cyberpunk #Cat #Adventure #Korean Language Support

Cyberpunk is one of the most emerging concepts in recent years. From Cyberpunk 2077 to large game companies to indie. The concept of cyberpunk has been steadily coming out in recent years. However, it may be because. Most cyberpunk genres are similar. A society in which citizens are controlled by the government or huge forces at night views full of neon signs. In addition, replacing the body, such as the water and the body, is now a characteristic that comes to mind when cyberpunk is now.

In the meantime, ‘Stray’ is a game different from cyberpunk so far. First of all, the main character. About the genre, of course, in most games, the main character was man. Of course, there are some games that are not people, but it would have been natural that there was nothing better as the person who showed the characteristics of cyberpunk in the first place. But ‘Stray’ is different. Stray’s protagonist is a cat. It is called cyberpunk, so you may think of a cybertic cat with a body of the body, but I hope that expectation will be folded for a while. The main character of ‘Stray’ is a really ordinary cat.

There is only one purpose of a player cat. It is to escape from a lively city full of droids. At first glance, there seems to be no threat, but it is different for small and weak cats. Most of the droids don’t think it’s quiet and harm, but some guard drones threaten as soon as they see the cat, and some creatures even run out. It’s a journey that would have been lonely and hard, but fortunately, a companion has a companion. It is a small drone called B-12. The B-12 is a colleague with a journey and solves obstacles, such as opening a safe that can not be done as a cat.

Most obstacles are not a big problem with the cat’s motor nerves and the help of the B-12. Passing through a narrow gap or crossing the railing, there are some puzzles that need to use the head, but even this is not an obstacle to the adventure because it is a block of the fan of the vents. The real problem is the monster life or guard drone for cats. Somewhere like a rat, these creatures should be risked and run away as soon as they see the cat. At first, you can run away or attack some objects, but upgrading the B-12 will allow you to fight back.

Of course, this extraordinary adventure is not just all. In ‘Stray’, you can enjoy a variety of interactions by becoming a cat’s position. You can also scratch the sofa by building your toenails, and you can play the music you obtained during the adventure to the Aksa Droid on the street.

Can cats go back to his family? And what is the hidden secret of the city? ‘Stray’, which depicts a cat’s journey set in Cyberpunk City, is scheduled to be released on July 19. If you are a gamer who is interested in cyber punks and cats, don’t miss it.

Game Name: Endling-Extinction is Forever
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NS
Release Date: July 19, 2022
Keywords: #Survival #Environmental Destruction #Simulation #Korean

Game shelter series that becomes a mother to protect his baby from the threat in the wild. Sometimes gamers who enjoyed this game that reminded me of the laws of nature, sometimes calm and sometimes grim natural, may probably like this game. The main character is the Enduling Exception Izu Forever (hereinafter referred to as Eduling), where the endangered mother fox is on the journey of protecting the baby.

The world of ‘Endling’ is a world where wild animals disappear due to human environment destroying. In this world, mankind tramples nature and destroys the ecosystem under the name of collecting resources. And as a result, many lives disappeared. The same is true of the fox, the main character of the game. The players, the mother foxes and the cubs, are the last fox who survived the world.


It’s not so cold. In this world, mankind tramples nature and destroys the ecosystem under the name of collecting resources. And as a result, a lot of life has disappeared. The same is true for foxes. The players, the mother and the young, are the last foxes who survived this destroyed world. The mother fox who had somehow raised in Bogeumjang, but it did not last long. Human hands touched the last rest. Now the mother fox must take the baby to find a safe new home.

It’s not one or two of the mother foxes. In the dark, the cubs should not only lead to a safe place, but also hunt on the way to feed their babies. Of course, all of this is never easy. The rule of nature is not only applied to prey. In the wild, you may lose your life by mistake. And this is the same in Enduling. As soon as you are hunting for prey for your cubs, other wild animals may be aiming for the cubs. It is wild that you shouldn’t be alert.

It is not only wild animals that are threatened. Wildlife can be said to be the law of nature. True threats are humans. For them with resources in front of them, nature and wild animals are only annoying, so there is no mercy. The same is true for them, the last fox. Therefore, a series of plans to find a new home should be carefully squeezed.

Can the mother foxes can lead all the babies to a new home? Although cute foxes appear, ‘Enduling’, which tells the story of a fox family who faces the harsh fate of extinction, is scheduled to be released on July 19.

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