How to get Sizzlin ’Summer bosses at MLB The Show 22

How to get Sizzlin ’Summer bosses at MLB The Show 22

The latest MLB The Show 22 program adds to the collection new Takashi cards in the form of Sizzlin ’Summer Boses. These cards are part of the Sizzlin ’Summer program and can change the rules of the game in your composition. So, how to get Sizzlin ’Summer bosses at MLB The Show 22?

SIZZLIN ‘summer bosses can be unlocked as part of the main program, which will be valid from July 1 to July 18, 2022. You can unlock SIZZILIN’ Summer Choice Packs at 30 (250,000 XP) and level 35 (325 000 XP) . There are only four summer bosses, so if you need two others, you must buy them on the trading platform.

What boss Sizzlin ’Summer to choose?

Since you get only two free selection of Sizzlin ’Summer bosses, which of them is better to choose? Who you choose depends on what your composition needs, but the best common choice is quite clear. C Mike Piazza has ridiculous characteristics of the blow, boasts with contact and strength on the left and right above 100. Caths are rare, especially those that can hit, so Piazza is an excellent choice.

If you do not need a catcher, cf Honus Wagner Another great choice. His contact is above 100, and he is a master of oatmeal with Bunt and Drag Bunt 99. Its speed and running in the database have no equal, so you will not have problems to get to the base and steal several.


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