Where are the Neo Tilted, Coral Castle and Colossal Colosseum in Fortnite?

Where are the Neo Tilted, Coral Castle and Colossal Colosseum in Fortnite?

In the 3rd season of the chapter 3 Fortnite, the flowering tree took part of the map, and various landmarks from previous seasons appear arbitrarily. After the last update, the players find three famous attractions: Neo Tilted, Coral Castle and Colossal Colosseum, appearing in different matches instead of the beloved by the Butter Barn fans. These three new guidelines randomly change in every match, and players will need to know the best places to find prey in these places.

Where are new guidelines in Fortnite?


The oil shed is not completely replaced, but instead of it there are three new locations in different matches. We found that parts of the Neo Tilted, Coral Castle and Colossal Colosseum appear south of Rocky Reels Poi where Oil Sarai The landmark is located. Follow the white circle in the image of the card higher to find this area. We recommend players to find weapons before exploring any of the new landmarks, since many opponents will land here at the same time.

Где найти лучшую добычу в Neo Tilted в Fortnite?

Having landed in Neo Tilted, try to land on the roof of the building with an antenna. Go down the stairs to find a couple of chests. If you are in the minority, then it is best to land in a smaller building. Neo Tilted has a meager shelter compared to two other attractions, so we recommend that players conduct effective battles with minimal risk.

Where to find the best prey in the coral castle in Fortnite?

In the Coral Castle, land inside the dome on the edge of the landmark. Here you will find several chests to quickly open and get weapons. As soon as this is done, head to the upper part of the landmark in order to easily look down at the enemies. Be sure to check the other domes, since opponents, as a rule, break the camp in these places.

Where to find the best prey in Colossal Colosseum in Fortnite?

Like Coral Castle and Neo Tilted, only part of the Colossal Colosseum POI appears south of Rocky Reels. We recommend players to land at the building in the center of this attraction to quickly find chests. You will also find several seedlings of reality planted by others, do not forget to pick them up when there is no one nearby. We landed in all three of these places in different matches, and any seedling that you plant will remain in the same place in the next match, regardless of which landmark appears.

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