Thumb Age Streamer Crowuz Party

[Crowda Party Park Ye-jin reporter] Thumb Age (CEO Park Hong-seo) announced on the 24th that it will hold ‘Streamer Crowda Party’ of ‘Crowz’.

The PC shooting game ‘Crozuz’ is a story about the war as a mercenary of a great power for survival, featuring a thrilling battle. On March 29, Steam conducted global early access.

Streamer Crozuz Party will be broadcast on July 4th at 7 pm on the official channel of Crozuz Twitch and the participating streamers. It is determined.

The party will be held in the form of a match between 20 to 20, and wins three of the three Celain Valley and two Graystone twice.

Popular streamers such as Bae Don, Ryu Je-hong, and Iruda are expected to play a close-up with a total prize money of 70 million won. Commentary Streamers include Kroz Korea’s official partner Izbell, transportation and Sinyathee.

There will also be a community event that matches the match team and presents items.

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