Lost Arc, 67% reduction in the same person in 5 days after strengthening bot crackdown

Lost Arc, 67% reduction in the same person in 5 days after strengthening bot crackdown

Simultaneous users of Global Lost Arc, which have risen rapidly since May, are decreasing in recent days. Amazon’s massive bot van, which began on the 15th, has reduced the number of concurrent users to the second half of 200,000.

As of 3:00 pm on the 20th, Lost Arc’s steam day’s highest concurrent users are 27,010. In the last 15 days, the company recorded more than 830,000 concurrent users, but in five days, it eventually fell to 200,000 units. In particular, the 18th and 19th should have recorded a higher number of concurrent users than usual as the player was a lot of weekends, but nevertheless, it was steadily decreasing.


The reason why the Lost Arc Steam server’s simultaneous number of concurrent users has decreased so much that Amazon Games, who has been in charge of Steam Server publishing since the 15th, has taken a major bot. Lost Arc officials have already announced that they have suspended millions of bot accounts in May, but as the damage continuously reported, it began a larger bot ban. In fact, one day after the ban began, the number of concurrent users decreased by 150,000 more than the previous day, and the measures had already been influenced.

Lost Arc’s bot problem has been raised since May. At the end of April, the number of concurrent users, which had stabilized downward at 3 ~ 400,000, suddenly increased to 8 ~ 900,000, and the problem began to be pointed out among overseas users. In fact, there were a number of bots that benefit or sell gold in the game, and there were a lot of problems related to overseas communities, including a number of character IDs consisting of unknown alphabets.

The executives also banned millions of accounts, and they are saying ‘war with bots’, such as blocking gold sales advertising, strengthening reporting functions, and VPN access vans. Nevertheless, the number of users’ complaints continued to accumulate because the number of concurrent users and the actual results were not revealed. Eventually, it has been carried out in large-scale ban, and it seems to be a certain amount of results.

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