Com2us Holdings Eternal Sword: Legion War, global update

Com2us Holdings Eternal Sword: Legion War, global update


, 3 new air units appeared

-Legendary item transcendence system appeared, add 5 new soul weapons

-In the summer season, ‘2022 Summer Event’ is held ‘Beach Ball’ and exchanges with various items

Com2us Holdings announced today (14th) that it will launch a global update of the collectible strategy RPG (hereinafter referred to as Eternal Sword).

In this update, there are three non-illnesses, such as Elf Fairy Archery, Jakan Biryong Byeong, and Beast Postal Disease. The soldiers each show strong power, such as ‘crushing arrow’, ‘raid’, and ‘gathering’, and 15% attack bonuses for all diseases except non-bottles. However, strategic use is important because there are weaknesses for long-range attack soldiers such as magic soldiers and archers.

In addition, ‘Transcendence System’ will appear, and new soul weapons will be added to provide opportunities for power increase. By using the transcendental system, it will be able to transcend the legendary item by securing legendary items such as weapons, armor and trinkets and the best transcendental seats. In transcendence, the stats of legendary equipment rose significantly.

Five new soul weapons will be added. Heroes Weapon Weapon is a ‘noble ideal’ used by ‘Arin’ and ‘Heavenly Lotus’ used by ‘Aisha’, ‘Valkyrie’s Sword’ used by Valkyrie as a Soul Weapon, and Karai window. The five kinds of soul weapons, such as the ‘Spores of the Beast Shock Cavalry’, can be acquired, further enhanced by the mercenaries’ combat power.

In addition, new skins that can be applied to ‘Alus of Dark’ and ‘Tori’ appear to provide visual fun.

In the summer season, the 2022 Summer Event will be held until the 28th of this month. If you access the game during the event, ‘200 Beach Balls’ will be paid by mail every day.

Beachball items can be bet on running events, and you can get more beach balls by ranking first. The beachballs acquired can be obtained in the Summer Event Box, such as ‘Skin Exchange Ticket’, ‘Hero Summon Ticket’, ‘Legendary Equipment Summons’, and ‘Kingcoin’, which can be used in stores.

The Eternal Sword is a collection strategy RPG developed by King Media and serviced by Com2us Holdings. It features immersive stories and large-scale battles. The game continues to be a user-friendly update based on its original game, and is securing a fan base throughout the global global.

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