Blood Rondo Richter, Netflix Devil Castle Animation Release

Blood Rondo Richter, Netflix Devil Castle Animation Release

The Castle Bania series, which led to a well-known netflix game, is returning to the new spin-off.


Netflix unveiled Castle Bania: Nocturn through the Netflix Gigd Week showcase on the 11th. In the first teaser video, a man stands with a whip on blue clothes, and when someone calls Richter, it ends with a look back.

Richter Belmond has emerged as the protagonist of the Devil Castle Dracula X Pyondo, one of the best masterpieces of the devil’s series. It is a descendant of Treva Belmond, who was the main role of Netflix Castle Bassnia, and Simon Belmond, the first protagonist of the game demons.

This animation depicts the journey of Richter Belmond and his colleagues Marianett against the French Revolution in 1792. Power House, which was in charge of animation production, also participated as a producer, and Kevin Kolde, who played the animation season 4, also works as a show runner.

Castle Bania: Nocturne is currently being produced and the date of airing is undecided.

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