Rotten freshness 100% Castle Vania, the sequel to the sequel

Rotten freshness 100% Castle Vania, the sequel to the sequel

Castle Vania, which is an unusually high praise as a game-based media for its attractive character description and adult action that fits the original character and adult action. Castle Vania’s spin-off title ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ was unveiled.

Netflix released a teaser video of the TV series ‘Castle Bania: Nocturne’ through the showcase Netflix Gigg Week 2022 on the 11th. The teaser video released this time briefly captures the back of a man standing on the dockside. Richter turned his head to the call, but he revealed that the character in the video was Richter Belmont, but he was able to confirm the identity early through the unique blue coat and whip.

Netflix predicted the production of the spin-off title of Castle Vania, which finished the story in June last year. He also said that he will tell the story of the revolutionary French background, which is the main character of the main character of Castle Bania and the son of Cypha, the son of Cypha, the main character.

Richter Belmond is the first protagonist who revealed his story through a game with a narrative structure. Meanwhile, he appeared in the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century, dealing with 1792 and 1797, respectively. The background of this work is also concerned about how to deal with the contents of the two games.

In the case of Castle Vania, only the basic setting story existed in the original game, and most of the 32 episodes were implemented through the capabilities of the crew. Meanwhile, in addition to Richter Belmond, Mary, who appeared in the work of Pyongrondo and Wol-eun’s night, will appear in Castle Bania: Nocturne.

The first season of Netflix’s original game TV series, ‘Castle Vania’, which started the first season in 2017, had a regret with four episodes of episodes, but was well received for its dynamic action and character production. Since then, Season 2, which has increased the number of episodes, has reached 100%of Rotten Toma, and Season 3 and Season 4 also recorded 95%and 100%, respectively. The popcorn index, the user score, also reached more than 90%, except for 83% of Season 3.

Castle Bania: Nocturne is a co-responsible producer on behalf of Warren Ellis, who was missing from the show for allegations of sexual harassment, and Kevin Cold Devil, who is involved in all 32 episodes, leads the work as a Showronner. In addition, many teams who have led the success of Castle Vania will participate in the new work.

The detailed information and release date of Castle Bania: Nocturn will be released later.

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