Cult of the Lamb presents a release date and a playable demo already available

Cult of the Lamb presents a release date and a playable demo already available

The Devolver Digital conference is one of the great attractions of this fake video game festival, with a presentation worthy of the best publishers in the industry. Although they have presented a good number of games with a spectacular appearance, this year’s show will be starring Cult of the Lamb, a Roguelike developed by Massive Monster that has fallen in love with the indie community and will reach our hands within very little.

Cult of The Lamb, one of the most anticipated indies of the year
Then we leave you with the brutal gameplay seen at the Devolver conference that leaves a tremendously good taste and a clear message: It is ready to become the indie of the year and even one of the best games in recent months.

According to the game’s page on Devolver Digital’s website, Cult of the Lamb puts players in the role of a possessed lamb saved from destruction by a strange creature and must repay its debt by building loyal followers in its name. Start your cult in a land of false prophets, venturing into diverse and mysterious regions to build a dedicated community of forest worshipers, spreading your word to make your followers the only true cult.

Initially, the game was going to be released in early 2022, but due to various problems, they had to delay it without any specific date… Until now. Thanks to the latest preview offered by Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb will be released on August 11 for all consoles and PC. In addition, at the conference itself, they announced that we already have a playable demo available for download so that we can endure the countdown without pulling our hair out.

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