League Of Legends Announces Big Changes To Alternate Game Modes

League Of Legends Announces Big Changes To Alternate Game Modes

League of Legends is a game that is not lacking in diversity, as evidenced by the many champions available on the roster. But it should still be noted that most players only use a small part of the MOBA, playing only in classic mode (normal or ranked). However, there are also other game modes, such as ARAM (All Random All Mid), which is always faithful to the position, but modes come and go according to the seasons, such as ARURF and URF Nexus Blitz, among others.

Riot Games talked about alternate game modes on Reddit. These modes are more or less successful within the community, and even if some players never play them, there is still a real audience. Long-time players will also remember the 3v3 Twisted Treeline and Dominion modes, two modes that have since disappeared, although more nostalgic players request their return. While these two modes were not at the center of the discussions, several promises were made.

Waiting for new game modes
Ken Adams (product lead on events, loot, skins, and more) spoke on Reddit. In a lengthy post, he brought up various topics to tease and inform the community wondering about the future of alternate League of Legends game modes. And the great news is that Riot Games has decided to put together a team specifically dedicated to alternative game modes. The latter will bring its creative skills to deliver new experiences for players and ensure more fluidity in programs, making it easier to rotate and integrate modes into the client.

Currently, there is a somewhat linear rotation of temporal modes. Riot Games acknowledges that it lacks freshness, and although at the moment it is impossible to give a precise or dated roadmap, several changes will take place soon. The goal is to update the player experience, and we can expect to see new game modes arrive. Alumni will not be neglected either, and there are already several ideas to update an institution like ARAM.

Thematic maps very complicated to make
Beyond the modes, the community is also asking for themed maps that can be adapted to current events, like the Christmas maps with snow everywhere or the Lunar Revel map. A priori, you might think that customizing a structure or objective is relatively easy since the appearance is purely aesthetic.

But in reality, Riot Games indicates that it is much more complicated… especially since elemental dragons have been integrated that change the appearance of the entire map. The spaces are reduced, and the encoding is also more complex. To give a few examples, the earth map creates new walls, and the fire map burns some bushes… For this reason, Riot Games remains very conservative on this topic. Player requests are heard, but there is no promise of bringing more changes and news to this area.

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