How to build a castle in V Rising

How to build a castle in V Rising

Find out how to build your castle in V Rising. What you need to build a lock in V Rising and how to approach the construction of the castle in the game. Where it should be located and what key decisions you should make when it comes to building the castle.

How to build a lock in V Riding

The construction of the castle in V Rising requires several additional tasks. Firstly, you must find a place to build your base.

The place should be in the expanded area. This means that it should have such resources as trees and stones that you can use to build structures on your base, which allows you to expand the territory.

After your base is built, your next goal is to place the heart of the castle in it. Castle Heart is the subject you need to create in order to even start building your lock. The heart of the castle symbolize your ownership of the territory as its property, which then allows you to build it and move on.

Being such an important subject, Castle Heart is required for all players to start, and, fortunately, it is very cheap to build it.

To build the heart of the castle, you need 240 stones and 20 blood essences. The stone can be easily assembled from stone nodes scattered throughout the Earth. All you need is a mace to start collecting stones in V Rising.

V Rising Base Building | V Rising Base Locations | V Rising Castle Building
To get the essence of blood, you need to commit a series of murders to kill as many people or animals (in the game) and get the essence of blood from them.

After you created the heart of the castle, go to the “Foundation” tab, pressing B, place your heart on your base, and then place the essence of blood inside the heart, pressing F.

The next step is the placement of the square of the fund around the heart of the castle. To do this, you must press B and lay the surrounding foundation to complete the creation of your castle in V Riding.

You can also add chests and coffins inside the base if you die and want to revive.

Tips for the layout of V Rising Castle

Construction stations

The first simple advice is to build as many stations as possible, such as leather factories, sawmills, mills and furnaces. You must collect raw materials from all over the world and place it in the furnace, just as if you placed copper ore in the furnace to produce copper ingots to create other items.

Build several furnaces

You must build a lot of furnaces and put them all next to each other. It is better to have two furnaces, but if there are four members in your clan, you will need three. As a result, refined materials can be obtained from raw materials.

Build storage chests

Next to your warehouse production, you must build storage chests. It is very important to identify your storage chests so that you know what you can store in them. Just click on a small pencil icon in the upper right corner of the chest interface to rename it.

build a floor and rooms

You can create several floors and rooms by pressing the key B. When you place your station in the closed room of the castle, the speed of creation and improvement increases by 25%. If you create a room with the corresponding floor, the alchemical table will use 25% less resources.

Adding gate

When playing on the PVE or PVP server, adding a gate will not allow enemies and other players to get into your castle. Although you can allow other players to visit your castle, they can also use explosives to destroy your gates. To build a gate, you must first design a passage or entry.

Location of the castle

Having built your castle next to the mines or at high altitude, you will get access to many mines where you can extract minerals. This allows you to improve your equipment and weapons at the very beginning of the game, guaranteeing your survival to the end.

how to expand the lock in V Riding

The most recommended place for building a castle is next to resources such as rocks and trees.

To turn your castle into a full-fledged base, you will need 20 stones and 2 blood essences. Stones are resources that can only be found in rocky areas, and blood essence can be obtained by killing enemies and animals.

Therefore, if you want to expand your castle, it is best to find the area rich in resources.

As soon as all the necessary materials are collected, go to the “Construction menu”, by pressing B and choosing the “borders” under the “Foundation” tab to create borders around your castle in order to successfully expand it.

V Rising Castle Heart Limit

The heart of the castle is the basis of your entire base. In addition to the fact that this is the main item for the construction of your castle, it also has several additional abilities. The first is an opportunity to increase the limit of borders and servants in your castle.

Another ability is to protect your base from enemies wandering outside the castle.

You can start with the placement of one heart of the castle in your castle; This will be enough to provide you with all the protection and increased limits necessary for survival in V Rising.

How to move the lock to V Ringing

Click B to open the construction mode of your castle. After the opening, select the heart of the castle and move your lock to the right place. Just make sure that the place in which you are in is cleaned of any structures and floors, and instead there should only be dirt on it.

If the desired area is not completely cleaned, you can press the gap key (dismantling button) to destroy everything on the ground that you want to move to.

V Rising Castle Heart is blocked by the border, Earth is required

When moving their castle in V Rising, many players came across an error, due to which a warning (“blocked by the border”) pops up whenever you are trying to move your castle.

This error can be easily fixed by reducing the boundary block on the tile in the desired area, where you want to move your lock.

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