[Interview] Full of humor and wit, Two Point Campus

[Interview] Full of humor and wit, Two Point Campus

Two-point studio, which developed an easy and enjoyable hospital management simulation game and two-point hospigal, came back with a new work that was filled with humor, uniqueness, and the characteristics of the series.

It is a university management simulation and two-point campus armed with ridiculously ridiculous departments.

The two-point campus, which seems to be familiar but can experience a variety of universities that have been twisted little by little, has upgraded the management elements compared to its predecessor. This is because it is not just running a university, but it is necessary to take care of ‘well’ until you graduate from the students who are admitted.

The word ‘well’ contains many things. Good grades are basic, you have to make friends, and you need to pay attention to your relationship. You have to take care of these pleasures so that you are not stressed, and hire a number of employees to care for students. In the process, you can drive out the invaders who entered the school or create an interesting and exciting entertainment area.

In order to learn more about these diverse, embarrassing and fun two-point campuses, we interviewed the lead designer Lewis Bronish and Art Director Mark Smart of the developer Two Point Studio. This interview was conducted in a group interview where various media participated.

The two-point campus will be officially released on August 10, 2022, and can be enjoyed on a variety of platforms, including PCs, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can play the game through the XBOX game pass from the first day of the release.

Q. From mission to games, all of them are ‘two points’. I wonder what this two-point means and what your ‘two-point’ is.

‘Two Points’ means two different views of the founders of the two-point studio. Founders Mark and Gary have the opposite position and view of the game. Mark is rational, and Gary is very passionate. Interestingly, the two views were completely different, so effective collaboration was possible.

And both hospithal and campus are the background of ‘Two Point County’. Two-point county seems to be a big world view of the game we produce. As a result, all the titles of the game we develop begin with ‘two points’.

** Q. Among the many materials, I wonder why I chose college as a sequel.

The reason for choosing a university is not another. Didn’t most people experience a school? I thought that the experience of such individual relationships would be helpful to understand the interactions in the game. And since the previous work can be said to be the mental succession of the theme hospital, this time I wanted to make a choice beyond people’s expectations using the background of the university.

Q. I’m really curious about the biggest difference from the previous two-point hospigal. What is the upgraded part of the most.

In the hospithal, the patient was consumed as a disposable. Do you not repeat the process of treating and returning patients who visited the hospital? It’s a kind of treadmill. But this work focused on individuals.

One of the most characteristic of the two-point campus is ‘interaction’. Unlike patients who have no personality, students enter the university once and create various relationships for several years from graduation. Unlike hospithal, they focus on each student visiting college.

And the users who played the hospithal loved the custom decoration. It provided a lot of freedom in that creation and creative. It is also possible to decorate the rooms already used by students in real time. Although the initial levels may be similar to the previous work, the school will be able to see the school explosive.

Q. The freedom of construction seems to have increased tremendously. I wonder how much I can make a variety of buildings.

There are many types of buildings itself, of which there are buildings with different floors. In addition to the floors, it is possible to customize and decorate the building in various ways, and the construction method of the building also varies depending on the terrain.

Two Point Campus | Developer Vision

You can also choose the building when you buy a building site. Is there different play types for each person? You can play a completely free play by creating everything yourself, or you can buy a site where the building is built if it is burdensome. It would be nice to have made efforts to increase the freedom of choice.

In addition, each room can be formed differently depending on the nature of the students. You will be able to have the fun of construction in various parts.

Q. University operation is completely different from the hospital. That’s why it’s hard to think of the two-point campus as a university version of two-point hospigal. I wonder how the flow of university operation was implemented in the game.

The two games are very different. Campus is not just a game of university skins on hospithal. This means that the previous work is not changed. Students will not only take classes for a year, but also have a comprehensive and complex school life, such as exchanging and practicing with classmates. Students’ evaluation is also considered comprehensively. Therefore, the management structure applied to the game is completely different.

For example, there is a complaint box to collect and confirm the complaints of people accumulated during play. This allows the player to know which part of the school should improve, and he also gives time to improve. It’s different from the previous work that was just treating the patient.

Also, in the process of playing the game, users can experience much more freedom than their predecessors. It’s not just management simulation, but you can enjoy more original and creative play.

Q. Interactive and unique departments, such as archeology, articles, magic, and cooking departments that make huge things. I wonder how many departments you can experience at the time of launch, and if all departments have a unique.

I can’t say exactly the number of departments. However, it can tell you that 12 regions will be released together (laughs).

There is no ordinary subject. All were twisted, including two-point humor. Such ‘uniqueness and humor’ was taken as the overall atmosphere of the game. In the case of the department of cooking, the department itself is normal, but it has expanded by adding humor to the unique feeling of two points. Like you can make something huge.

Since all departments have a unique, there is no way to see ordinary subjects. It’s a pity that I can’t mention it because my favorite subjects are not disclosed. There will be a lot of subjects that may seem a bit crazy. You can expect it.

Q. Will two-point games share the same worldview all the time? The first is a hospital, this time. I wonder if I thought about the next place to run. Personally, I want to run a city full of humor of two points.

The dream is to fill the game of two-point studio with two-point county. I can’t tell you for sure because it’s not yet set, but I want to create a two-point community.

I also want to be a ‘two-point county’ where you can be familiar and comfortable everywhere. Hospithal and campus are also part of that. When you first made a game, you have such a goal, so you can see the two-point two-point appearance.

Q. The simulation has become a minor genre compared to the past. The genre’s enthusiasts are expected to go to two-point studio. I want to hear my future aspirations.

The number of users who play simulation games is not reduced. Since the video game user itself has increased, I think the size itself is always large even if the percentage decreases. We will try to keep the DNA in the genre so that it can remain intact, and to maintain the atmosphere in two-point games.

Creating such a characteristic simulation game is very challenging. However, I will continue to try to make a fun and friendly game. The most important thing in the process is to make the user feel happy and proud of his play. I want to make a game that is not a waste of time.

Q. In Korea, there are many creations set in the background of school days. Please introduce anything that is inspired by the development of the Two Point Campus.

The main source of inspiration was our own experience. Most people who played the two-point campus would have time at school or university, so they made a lot of effort to empathize. The movies that were inspired are Greece, Ferris’s liberation, and school of rock.

Q. The previous work was full of wonderful humor. 이번 작품에서도 이런 재밌는 요소가 있을까?

As it did in the previous work, the campus is full of visual humor. 독특한 기계와 물건들을 강의에 활용할 수 있고, 참 이상하고 독특한 성격의 학생들도 만나볼 수 있다. 이외에도 캠퍼스 내부에 병동이 있기도 하고, 전작에서 마주했던 질병 중 일부를 볼 수 있을지도 모른다.

Q. 혹시 축제와 같이 대학에서 즐길 수 있는 추가적인 이벤트 등도 준비되어 있나. 있다면 가장 특징적인 몇 가지만 소개 부탁한다.

라이벌 대학교와의 경쟁을 꼽을 수 있다. 분자요리학에서는 요리 대회를 할 수 있고, 기사도 학과에서는 마상 시합을 통해 경합할 수 있다. 학술 훈련에서는 치즈볼 경기도 할 수 있다. 게임을 진행해 나갈수록 더 많은 경쟁을 경험할 수 있지만, 지금 다 알려줄 순 없다.

이외에도 파티나 공연 등 게임을 진행하면 해금할

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