Gyeongconjin, GGC Green Friendship MOU for win -win game industry

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Se -hee, hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) signed a ‘GGC Green Friendship Business Agreement’ with six medium -large game companies and game service companies to create a large, middle and small win -win mood in the game industry. did.

The game company is ▲ Neowiz (co -representative Kim Seung -cheol, Bae Tae -geun), ▲ Smilegate Mega Port (CEO Jang In -ah), ▲ AWS Korea (CEO Ham Ki -ho) CEO Kim Tae -young) totaled six companies.

‘GGC Green Friendship’ is a campaign conducted by the Gyeonggi Global Game Center (GGC) to encourage game companies to participate in social contribution and establish a social reduction system according to the recent expansion of ESG management.

At the ceremony, Kyungconjin Min Se -hee, Director of Neowiz Hong Ji -cheol, Smilegate Megaport Kim Young -jin, AWS Korea Kang Hwan -bin, General Manager of Korean Game Business, NHN Big Foot Ryu Hee -tae, One Store Kwak Yun -hee, and Webzen Jung Ha -young.

Through this agreement, the agreement will be eligible for ‘GGC Green Friends’, and Kyungconjin will actively support business cooperation such as indie game introduction, industry networking support, and encouragement to social contribution. The agreement plans to make various efforts to resolve the polarization of the game industry by providing small and medium -sized developers and developers with know -how, service, publishing and investment.

In particular, the company plans to support excellent games and foster human resources, starting with the Gyeonggi Game Audition and the Gyeonggi Game Academy.

“This agreement seems to have a meaningful opportunity for the game industry to develop the same meaning for the development and win -win of the game industry,” said Kyung -Kon Jin. Jin and the agreement will work hard. ”

Meanwhile, Kyungconjin operates the Gyeonggi Global Game Center to foster and support the game industry in Gyeonggi -do. For more information on Gyeongconjin’s game industry development project, please visit the Gyeonggi Global Game Center website.

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