Everquest Woke Up The Sleeping Dragon Sleeper After 20 Years

Everquest Woke Up The Sleeping Dragon Sleeper After 20 Years

EverQuest is the history of MMOs and one of the clear promoters of this genre that is now so popular. With so much prestige behind it, there is still a large community of players that continues to keep its flame alive. As an example, the epic moment that we tell you now stars a dragon that was forbidden to wake up, and they have activated after 22 years.

Let’s go back a little to its history. In the year 2000, the game received the expansion of The Scars of Velious, which included the Tomb of the Sleeper, a place in which four powerful guardian dragons guarded the dungeon. Behind them is the prison of the mad dragon Kerafyrm, also known as Sleeper. He is the most powerful creature in the game that is almost impossible to defeat.

The sleeping dragon
If all four guards were defeated, the thief would be unleashed, affecting the players who did so and the entire server, as Kerafyrm would unleash chaos and likely kill anyone in its path. Over the years, they’ve only been able to kill him once when three guilds got together and took advantage of a minor bug in his health regeneration. The fight lasted three hours, but to this day, it persists as the only victory against the powerful being. It would be almost impossible to beat if it hadn’t been for that little programming mismatch. You laugh at Miyazaki.

With such a budding enemy sleeping, the community-made an unwritten pact on most servers that should Sleeper be awakened under no circumstances. As they say in Boop, it is an action that is not profitable since the only thing the dragon does is unleash chaos in the place and disappear forever. Also, the lookouts for him would disappear. And, after a while, they reappear in their place. Moreover, some of the guards could be defeated, as they await generous rewards without too much difficulty. For this reason, they decided that it was better to keep them alive to carry out what they have called sustainable cultivation of the loot without the risk of losing their lives in the attempt and the sources of income, which would disappear for a while.

Here begins a struggle of classes and guilds. There came a time when the dominant ones, called the Seal Team, had held a monopoly on loot from the guards for a long time. Something that other clans did not like too much. At one point, the Kingdom group, supported by others like Safe Space, revolted and began discussions between all parties about what should be done. In Seal Team, they saw how they could not face other united clans, so they considered releasing Kerafyrm to end hostilities, although not everyone agreed. Accusations of corruption were the order of the day.

Like Game of Thrones
All this is triggered by what you are imagining. Some radical members joined with a faction called Kerafyrm’s Dream, a name loaded with intentions. So they tried to awaken the dragon on their own. The guild leaders were quick to prevent the tragedy, so they started a process of changing passwords and banning from entering the servers. But his passage has served as an advance guard, and more and more people ask for the release of the dragon. Thus, a survey was done among the members of the Seal Team, who determined that the dragon had to be awakened.

The sleeping beast broke free and headed toward all the players. The dragon unquestionably swept everyone away and disappeared forever. The story has not had a happy ending, but these last few weeks will be remembered in Everquest history for many years to come.

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