NHN, Sharing Love at Busan Dongdae University

NHN, Sharing Love at Busan Dongdae University

[Kim Jae Park Ye -jin reporter] NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 17th that he had sharing PCs at Busan Dong -Eui University to foster local information technology (IT) talent.

At the ceremony of ‘Love PC Sharing’ held at Busan Dong -Eui University on the 16th, NHN Kim Jae -hwan, Director of Foreign Policy Division, Han Soo -hwan, President of Dong -Eui University, and Kim Chi -yong, a professor of digital contents game engineering, attended. This ceremony was promoted to foster IT talents who will lead the future game industry and content industry by creating an ICT education environment in the community.

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NHN selected high -performance PC sets for college practice and delivered them to Dong -Eui University. The donated PC said that NHN employees were supported by maintaining the main body and monitor used for work.

Donated PCs will be delivered to the Department of Digital Content Game Engineering, Dong -Eui University, which teaches the entire game technology, and will be used for various curriculums such as programming basics to advanced games and artificial intelligence.

Kim Jae -hwan, head of the foreign policy department, said, “I hope students will be a little helpful for students to quickly encounter and acquire digital new technologies.”

Meanwhile, NHN is supporting educational support as part of ESG management this year. In April, the company delivered an online learning PC to the Seongnam Youth Foundation and added an additional sharing campaign. In March, the company opened the NHN Academy Gyeongnam Campus, and is currently conducting training programs for local youth.

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