Hoyoverse will officially announce Shikanoin Heizou for Genshin Impact

Hoyoverse will officially announce Shikanoin Heizou for Genshin Impact

Despite the fact that the 2.7 Genshin Impact version is delayed, Hoyoverse finally violated the silence about who will be the new character of version 2.8. After several months of speculation, Shikanoin Heizou was finally announced. Although at present we do not know whether he is a four- or five-star character, Hoyoverse has added several piquant parts and screensavers.

HOYOVERSE Is Considering ADD SHIKANOIN HEIZOU Along With THIS First Electro Catalyst Character

Headzou Anemo User with the image of a sword on his side, which means that he will most likely be a user of the sword in the game. He is connected with commission tenry, And Ayato Kamisato highly appreciates the talents of the boy. He is the first game character-detective in the game, and they say that he perfectly reveals things in Inadzum.

Haiso claims to have a non -standard thinking that helps in the disclosure of crimes. This is a little embarrassing some in Inadzum, but everyone still admires his incredible skills when he is at work. Since the characters appear when they are part of the current plot events of the game, we should see Heizou in action when 2.8 comes out.

Keep in mind that at the moment we do not know the official date of end 2.6, but the disclosure of the character seems to indicate that 2.8 will be released soon. Heizou is the only character shown by Hoyoverse for version 2.8, so he will most likely be the only new character in updating.

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