The creator of God of War, David Jaffe, says that Phil Spencer from Xbox stinks after Starfields delay

The creator of God of War, David Jaffe, says that Phil Spencer from Xbox stinks after Starfields delay

The creator of God of War, David Jaffe, had some hard words for the director of Xbox, Phil Spencer, last week. Earlier this week,stellar campo_ andred -two of the most important Xbox games of 2022, were delayed until 2023. Many expressed an immense disappointment for this movement, although they also understood the choice and knew that they would probably lead to better games. Phil Spencer appealed to Twitter to also support Bethesda’s decision to delay the games, but heard fans’ comments and said the disappointment was not falling into a broken bag. That said, some think that the delays highlight a major problem with Xbox, since this has left the owner of the platform with a great vacuum in his launch calendar at the moment.

One of those critics is the creator of God of War, David Jaffe, although he no longer works in the series, is still rooted in the game industry. In response to delays and other problems with other Xbox games such as halo Infinito, Jaffe took to his YouTube channel where he said that he believes that Phil Spencer “stinks” and is not suitable for a role in which he must administer all these studies. Jaffe said Spencer cannot produce games, but respects many of his ideas for the Xbox platform, even calling him “visionary.” Jaffee believes that Spencer “gets in his own way” when it comes to managing games and should hire someone else to supervise the games, letting Spencer concentrate on developing Xbox as a platform.

“You’re like that close, Phil Spencer,” Jaffe said as part of a larger diatribe. “Your plan is solid, your infrastructure When it comes to these studies, it is great [but] you can’t handle you just can’t do it!”

David Jaffe says Phil Spencer sucks and he can't manage studios after Starfield being delayed
Phil Spencer has helped reform Xbox during the last decade after the launch of Xbox One almost torpedo the brand. Spencer has been one of the main driving forces behind ideas such as Xbox Game Pass, but on a critical level, his own launches have failed to compare themselves to those of PlayStation. It remains to be seen if these new study acquisitions can help or not change some things on that forehead, but it is definitely difficult to imagine where Xbox would be if Phil Spencer would not have had the task of leading the load during the Xbox One era.

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