New Silent Hill Apparently real: Konami lets Leaker lock lock

New Silent Hill Apparently real: Konami lets Leaker lock lock

Bad tongues could claim that Konami is currently losing more and more fans. Efootball is her latest faux pas, the football game could not tear around the rudder even with Update 1.0 and in our after-test ensured shaking my head again. But other brands like Metal Gear Solid have also been on hold for a long time. But despite everything, the publisher was able to record his most successful financial year ever . At least one of her series could finally be revived. The deletion of leaks to a possibly new Silent Hill ** is currently making the hearts of many fans beat faster.

Deleted Silent-Hill-Leak-what is it all about?

The Leaker Aestethicgamer has repeatedly shared information with the public in the past that subsequently turned out to be true. This time he published alleged pictures of a new Silent Hill project ** on Twitter. Shortly after the publication, his Twitter account was closed and he had to extinguish the pictures to avoid a permanent spell.

New Silent Hill Game LEAKED - Here's Everything We Know (IMAGES AND DETAILS)

What does the Silent Hill Leak show?

Before the pictures were removed in front of the platform, users have managed to upload them again, they can be found at Resetera, among other things. In addition to several artwork, some of which are strongly reminiscent of Resident Evil 7, the illustrations also show a small gameplay neckline with Japanese text.

It is also unclear whether the project is a remake or a new game . Even who develops the game for which platforms it should appear or what it is all about is not known at the current time. However, the Japanese publisher expanded the ** Silent Hill brand at the beginning of the year. All Silent Hill fans.

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