David Jaffe bumps against Phil Spencer

David Jaffe bumps against Phil Spencer

Yesterday, the world woke up with the sad news that Starfield and redfall, the two major letters for 2022 by Xbox, have been delayed until next year. Upon making this information known, Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, spoke about how difficult this decision was to make. Although there were many who were in favor of this change of plans, there were others that are simply not happy. One of these is David Jaffe, creator of God of War.

Through his YouTube channel, Jaffe published a video where attacked the way Phil Spencer is driving Xbox . Specifically, he criticizes the way in which the manager is unable to deliver a single game. This was what he commented:

“You stink, Phil Spencer. It is me when I was 28 years old. I knew I could design, I knew I could have commercial ideas, at least at that time, my brain was directly connected to the spirit of the time. He took me seven, eight, nine months to realize that I could not produce a game at all, much less a game that I was also directing… I allowed me to realize that there are things in which we are good, even great, and things in which not.

Go to therapy, Phil Spencer. You are not good in this role. You simply, you are not, you cannot be that guy… friend, this is not something exceptional.

Phil Spencer, your plan is solid, your infrastructure is great when it comes to these studies, but you can’t handle it. You just can’t do it. ”

This is not the first time that Jaffe calls attention to his controversial opinions. Last year, the developer was news due to his statements about the difficulty and design of meter dread levels. Now, his recent comments are aimed at Phil Spencer and the lack of First Party Games for Xbox in 2022. **

David Jaffe says Phil Spencer sucks and he can't manage studios after Starfield being delayed
In related issues, you can learn more about the delay of starfield here. Similarly, these were Phil Spencer’s statements about it.

Editor note :

David Jaffe’s comments, rather than focusing on Phil Spencer, sound like a criticism aimed at himself. Of course, the developer is not the only Arkane in the process.

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