Xbox Game Studios: Ehemaliger God of War

Xbox Game Studios: Ehemaliger God of War

The shifts of Starfield and Redfall hit Microsoft and the Xbox fans hard. While the developers themselves are happy that they have more time to create a better gaming experience, players worldwide are simply disappointed.

Now the former Creator of God of War, David Jaffe, who has been involved in the first two parts, and is harsh criticism of Phil Spencer and his statement that you want to deliver consistency and quality.

“You are shit, Phil Spencer. You are me when I was 28. I knew I could design, I knew that I could have commercial ideas, at least my brain was connected to the zeitgeist at the time. I needed seven, eight or nine months to understand that I couldn’t produce a game at all, let alone a game that I also directed… This made it clear to me that there were things in which we are good, Even great, and things in which we are not good. ”

“Go to therapy, Phil Spencer. You are not good in this role. It’s just not you, you won’t be this type… age, that’s not a unique thing. “

Jaffe said that Phil apparently stands in the way:

“Don’t fire Phil Spencer. Phil Spencer is a visionary, I love his vision for Game Pass, and if someone can get the man out of his own way, he could be the tip of the sword, an absolutely wonderful, for gamers and the art form disruptive movement. But if he doesn’t manage to avoid himself and hire someone who knows how to conduct the development… ”

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“You are so close, Phil Spencer, your plan is solid, your infrastructure, as far as these studios are concerned, is solid, it is great – but you can’t manage it. You just can’t. “

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