APEX LEGENDS IMC Armouries explains: How to defeat Specters and get prey

APEX LEGENDS IMC Armouries explains: How to defeat Specters and get prey

IMC Armouries were added with the start of Season 13: Saviours to the Storm Point Card in Apex Legends, and players can record it in these facilities with waves of AI-controlled enemies in order to earn power. In the past, Apex Legends has experimented with AI opponents, an obvious allusion to the titanium-based history of the series, but now the PVE experience is a central component of the game, at least on Storm Point. This will be highly competitive zones throughout the season, so you will find everything you need to know about the new IMC weapons chambers in Apex Legends before visiting them.

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What are IMC weapons chambers in Apex Legends?

IMC Armouries are new additions to the Storm Point card in season 13. They rested underground, but seismic activities of the new Downed Beast Poi have led to reappearing. They contain large groups of AI-controlled ghosts that can be defeated to make great prey. These places also reward intelligent prey, so that the rewards are tailored to their equipment. You will also receive better rewards if you switch off more enemies.

Where can I find IMC weapons chambers?

IMC weapons chambers are located in four strategic locations on the Storm point card. Here are all four places where you can find them:

northwest: Between North Pad and The Wall
southwest: Between The Mill and Cenote Cave *
southeast: between the Gale station and fish farms
northeast: east of Thunder Watch

IMC weapons chambers are marked on the map with a white chest symbol. All four IMC weapons chambers are identical, so simply make your choice between them based on the circle and their preferred drop zones. However, they can only be found on Storm Point so that other cards do not have.

What kind of prey have IMC armories?

IMC armories have intelligent prey, so the rewards they receive depend on their current equipment. The rarity and power of the prey you get depends on how many AI spectra your team can also eliminate.

As soon as you approach an IMC weapon chamber, the ramp opens automatically to enable access to the inside. Inside there is a load of weapons and a button to activate the encounter. As soon as you press the button, the door closes and you are locked up for 60 seconds while waves attacking ghosts. After you have ended the 60-second survival encounter, you can jump into the sky or simply get out through the front entrance.

Remember that the door does not close until you press the button to start the encounter, so keep an eye out for enemy troops that try to steal the prey of the weapons chamber for yourself. These will be very popular drop zones during season, especially since they reward intelligent prey. In the meantime, take a look at the new Pointed Beast Poi or simply work to improve your Season 13 Battle Pass.

APEX legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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