Wonshin Developer Hoyo Bus, the new work Zenres Zone Zero announced

Wonshin Developer Hoyo Bus, the new work Zenres Zone Zero announced

On the 8th, Hoyo Bus unveiled the teaser site of ‘Genres Zone Zero’ through its game user community Hoyo Lab.

Hoyoverse New Game Zenless Zone Zero Got Revealed
The community post, written through an account called ‘Ropenet’, delivered a broadcast -like atmosphere under the titles ‘Share: Emergency Breaking News’ and ‘Channel Change >> Entertainment Channel 2’. In the ‘Sharing: Emergency Breaking News’ post, the word that predicts apocalypse or disasters such as ‘Class 2 Joint Disasters’ and ‘Dangerous Zone’ to anticipate the worldview. In addition, the news that new information will be released on the 13th and the teaser page.

The teaser page, titled ‘An unknown time zone -Zenres Zone Zero’ released in the post, can check the calendar with red circles on the 13th, a TV with noise, and a video player. When you turn the red lever on the TV, ‘Breaking News’ with the subtitle, “30 minutes ago, co -accompanying co -disasters in the August street in August. This flows out and is curious.

Gamers who heard this news estimated that Genres Zone Zero would be ‘Project X’ introduced in the 2019 NVIDIA GTC 2019 showcase. ProjectX is an open world action shooting game that supports rate racing, and it will be released in mid -2021, but has not been news since then.

Details of ‘Zenres Zone Zero’ will be announced on the 13th.

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