BVB vs. Schalke 04: A

BVB vs. Schalke 04: A

The second first leg in the semi-finals takes place today in the Bundesliga of the A-youth. The BVB and Schalke 04 duel. live ticker accompanies the derby in the live ticker.

After Hertha BSC’s 3-1 win at FC Augsburg on Friday, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 are now facing each other in the semi-finals of the U19 Bundesliga. Here is the 90 minutes in the live ticker.

A-youth Bundesliga: BVB vs. Schalke 04 0: 0



List BVB


Ostrzinski, Rothe, Collins, Bynoe-Gitten, Fink, Gürpüz, Semic, Kleine-Küel, Walz, Rijkhoff, Kamara



Treichel, Campanile, Anubodem, Weichert, Aliu, Hansen, Shubin, Kurt, Topp, Kojic, Sane

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BVB vs. Schalke 04: A-youth Bundesliga semi-finals now in the live ticker 0-0

** 23.

Haaland's Brace & BVB Derby Win | FC Schalke 04 - Borussia Dortmund | 4-0 | Highlights | MD 22
22. Rijkhoff picks up another corner for BVB, which, however, ends up in the hands of Treichel again. So far, the standards are absolutely harmless on both sides.

20.: brave! Hansen wins the ball on the center line and sees that Ostrzinski is a little too far in front of the box. He tries from a distance, but his shot ends up in the Toraus. It was worth a try!

18. Anubodem comes back over the dangerous left wing of the narrow and gets a corner ball out. It can be defused on the short post without any problems.

16. A good 15 minutes are played, we see a brisk initial phase. Both teams are repeatedly dangerous through counterattacks, so far the encounter has been completely balanced.

12.: short excitement in the Dortmund penalty area. Kojic is played in a central position and falls at the penalty point. However, the whistle of Reif does not signal a penalty, Kojic was offside.

9.: then the Dortmund in direct return. Rijkhoff is played again in the top, his shot in the left corner can defuse Treichel. So far the most dangerous action of the game!

8.: The shortcomings go into the race here as an underdog, but so far there is not much to be noticed. Again it gets dangerous over the left side. Kojec gets the cross at the short post on the foot, but places over.

6.: Gürpüz goes into the dribbling in front of the Schalke penalty area, is fouled in a promising position. The free kick is too lax, Treichel holds the ball.

4.: Now the guests try to put a little pressure on. Shubin comes across the left side, but his cross can intercept Ostrzinski.

2.: Borussia begins a bit hesitantly, plays the ball back and forth in its own ranks. Then the advance where Rijkhoff can get a corner out. However, this is harmless.

1.: off you go. The Dortmunders hit the ball, referee is Henning Reif.

BVB vs. Schalke 04: A -youth Bundesliga semi -finals in the live ticker – before the start

Before the start: It starts in a few minutes, the setting is the Brackel youth performance center in Dortmund.

Before the start: Even after the direct comparison, Dortmund should go into the semi-finals as a favorite, the Borussians chose both meetings in the Bundesliga (4: 0) and the NRW League Cup (2-0). “But now a new competition begins,” warns Borussia’s NLZ director Lars Ricken: “You will see which team gets through their strengths. Probably it depends on the form of the day.”

Before the start: The title in the U-19 Bundesliga West secured the BVB in front of the Schalkers, with eleven points at the end of Dortmund.

BVB vs. Schalke 04: A -youth Bundesliga semi -finals in the live ticker – the constellations

Before the start: The BVB also announced its eleven: Ostrzinski, Rothe, Collins, Bynoe-Gittens, Fink, Gürpüz, Semic, Kleine-Bekel, Walz, Rijkhoff, Kamara

Before the start: For half an hour until the kick -off, the lineups slowly turn in. With these players, the club smithy starts: Treichel, Campanile, Anubodem, Weichert, Aliu, Hansen, Shubin, Kurt, Topp, Kojic, Sane

Before the start: yesterday the first semi -finals took place. The Juniors from Hertha BSC made guest appearances at FC Augsburg and won 3-1. The second leg between Schalke and BVB is then scheduled for May 15 (11 a.m.).

Before the start: In the playoffs to determine the German U19 champion, the first leg in the semi-finals between Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 is coming up on Saturday. Derby! That should be exciting. The kick -off is at 11 a.m.

Before the start: Welcome to the live ticker!

BVB vs. Schalke 04: A-youth Bundesliga semi-finals today live on TV and livestream

As on Friday, Sky shows the U19 Bundesliga with BVB against Schalke Live on TV and Livestream

From 10.50 a.m. you can see the game on Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 Live and in full length on the pay TV. For sky the game comments Sven Schröter. The game kicks off at 11:00 a.m. Sky offers you with the SKY TICKET and the SKY Go -app also two options to follow the encounter live and fully in the live stream.

There is also a transfer via YouTube. Click here for the free livestream.

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A-youth Bundesliga: The masters of the past few years

Year Master End game opponent Result location
2011 VfL Wolfsburg 1. FC Kaiserslautern 4: 2 Wolfsburg
2012 FC Schalke 04 FC Bayern Munich 2: 1 Oer Erkenschwick
2013 VfL Wolfsburg Hansa Rostock 3: 1 n. V. Rostock
2014 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Hannover 96 5: 0 Hanover
2015 FC Schalke 04 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 3: 1 Wattenscheid
2016 Borussia Dortmund TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 5: 3 Sinsheim
2017 Borussia Dortmund FC Bayern Munich 0: 0 n. V., 8: 7 i. E. Dortmund
2018 Hertha BSC FC Schalke 04 3: 1 Oberhausen
2019 Borussia Dortmund VfB Stuttgart 5: 3 Aspach
2020 Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, no final round around the German A-Junior Championship.
2021 Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, no final round around the German A-Junior Championship.

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