How to play in Point Capture in Gundam Evolution

How to play in Point Capture in Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is launched with three main game modes: Point Capture, Domination and Destruption. Each promises a crazy gameplay involving mobile costumes with all over the Gundam universe.

The capture of the point divides the players into two teams of six people with one attacking and others defense . The purpose of the attackers is take control of the goal before time expires. Conversely, the task of restraining the attackers lies on the defenders until time is expired.

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Each match is divided into two rounds. The teams change the sides at the end of the first round. If attackers can take control of the target A in region 1, they unlock region 2, in which the target is located, the round ends when both goals are captured or expired.

Each goal is marked by the perimeter. When the attacker is in this area, the suppression counter begins to be filled. With full filling, the target will be captured. However, if the defender enters the zone, he will dispute. The disputed point will stop filling the suppression counter.

If the defenders supplant the attackers, the suppression counter will return to the last control point. If the attackers surpass the defenders, the scale will continue to fill up. Point Capture is a simple mode that still attracts the attention of players to Gundam Evolution.

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