The next need for speed during development

The next need for speed during development

Matt Webster of Criterion Games struck Need for Speed fans this week with two news. First, the company works hard to develop the next entry in the series. Second, the cross game arrives tomorrow on Need for Speed Heat. It is for each version, including the PS4.

The complete announcement of the blog post can be found here. As the work on the next title seems to intensify, this crossplay update will be the last for the game. In addition, NFS Heat will be moved to EA Access and Origin Access Basic Vault on June 16. This corresponds well to EA Access on Steam. Now could be your ideal chance to discover the game!

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Need for Speed Heat is also available on Steam, in case none of the Access programs is in your toolbox. Webster mentions even more information to come during the EA Play event on June 18. Hopefully this will eventually look like the next Need for Speed game. Players will want more information than simple assurance than this game exists, after all. You can consult our Need for Speed Heat exam here.

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