Coffin, servants and dungeons: V rising sketches its castles

Coffin, servants and dungeons: V rising sketches its castles

As we know, V rising places the player in the skin of a thirsty vampire who will have to eat and survive in a hostile environment. Gradually, this young vampire will nevertheless also have a vocation to gain in scope, to perhaps take the head of a vampire clan, and in particular laying the foundations of a castle which will dominate the country of Farbane-in addition to shelter the coffin of our vampire, serving as a point of bind. In a new post published on the developer’s official blog, the studio Stunlock specifies the role of this castle.

It is mainly remembered that V rising castles are magic entities with an almost autonomous life. The foundations of a castle are based on a “heart of the castle” which infuses its magic: it will be necessary to feed it regularly in blood, but a “well -fed” castle will be able to provide many services. Starting with the craft mechanics of the game since the workshops installed in the castle operate thanks to magic and are supplied by the heart of the castle – in other words, the manufacture of objects is automatic as long as the heart of the castle is sufficiently fed and that the workshops have the necessary raw materials.
It is also the heart of the castle which ensures its main defenses: a well -fed castle has particularly solid defenses (destroy a wall or a door will be expensive and laborious) and is able to gradually repair itself over time. A significant asset to protect its riches and ensure that they will not be looted by the indelicates of passage. Conversely, a poorly maintained castle will deteriorate, or even can be won over by another vampire who can appropriate it and take advantage of the achievements of his predecessor.

A castle can also be populated gradually. As we know, vampires will be able to capture mortals and keep them in the jails of the castle to make them a sort of living pantry (to eat their blood regularly). We note here that the vampire can also try to seduce NPCs so that they will come and remain voluntarily in the castle, even biting them to make vampires in turn. So many “living forces” which can contribute to the functioning of the castle or which one can send harvesting resources, for example – a vampire worthy of the name will obviously prefer to send his minions to make the bass tasks.


We understand it, the V rising castles are based on both housing mechanics (they can be personalized with the player’s tastes), but also management mechanics in the context of the optimization of resources and NPCs of the clan, Or its crafts via the castle workshops. So many elements that we can discover concretely soon, as part of the early access of V Rising from May 17.


Overview of V rising castles

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