Clash Royale: The Super Witch spell to all players during the May season

Clash Royale: The Super Witch spell to all players during the May season

Who says new month, also new a new season of Clash Royale. After a very busy April for the Supercell game, in particular with the induction of a new legendary letter, the month of May is also outlined as very busy for the Finnish study. Several data miners have been occupied with the subject, and we already know that The theme of this season 35 will be that of the witches. This letter will be honored in many ways, but we immediately warn you: n o, It will not be an excuse to bring a new legendary letter for the witch

The super witch, a new broken but temporary letter


At the beginning of the week, the leaks detected the central map of this future season 35. Obviously, she will be the witch, and will even have the right to a temporary review for a very specific challenge. Exactly As in the case of the super tone of lava, the super witch will be a playable letter, but only through a challenge and for a limited time .

This challenge will give us, as always, great rewards that will help us improve our favorite letters and decks to be able to raise all the glasses that we can without the need to pay, a trend that is increasingly normalized and that many do not want to fall.

Obviously, the super witch is dominated, since she generates skeletons, bats and even pigs capable of completely bursting many games that seemed won. Several aesthetic events and changes are expected as soon as season 35 begins throughout the season, thus happening to the two minors. Finally, events with free participation throughout the season should appear to guarantee some free to play rewards.

We will have to see how this event evolves, but everything indicates that it will be a real show and a new climbing players is expected during the first week of the event.

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