The PC Gamer Fixed Acer Predator with RTX 3070 is cheap

Between laptops and fixed PCs, the choice of gamers often focuses on the tower, much more efficient at equivalent price. At the moment, a beautiful Gaming Acer Predator Orion tour with an RTX 3070 is only € 1249.99 at Cdiscount, a rate more than Allechant considering the current price of graphics cards and their anecdotal availability.

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It’s been too long since the price of graphics cards reaches peaks. To overcome this, it is sometimes better to opt for a pre-mounted machine, now the price of components at more reasonable levels. This is particularly the case for our Acer Predator Orion .

Acer has now been present for many years from Gamers . Along with laptops, Acer has a full range of PC fixed * , like this Predator Orion . Difficult to deny its orientation Gaming Both the design of this tower is ostentatious. TENDED LINES, LEDS AND WINDOW COUNTER, everything is there to recall the Gamer Predator . But beyond the design, the configuration is what will talk best about gamers .

Inside the machine is a CPU Intel Core i5 11400F , a Hexa-Core Hyperthreaded processor, capable of mounting up to 4.40 GHz . No need to clarify that this chip Intel is a real beast in terms of gaming , able to match i7 and other Ryzen in the case of purely videoludic use. On the graphic side, we have the right to a RTX 3070 8 GB , a chip nvidia cut for the game in high definition, perfect for propelled the last titles in 1440p with the set details maximum. No worries, with 16 GB of RAM, the machine should bending the knee before any game, as greedy emerging. To avoid spoiling, storage is entrusted to a 1 to SSD NVME * , which stores a good number of titles. In turn Gaming , the predator orion is of course scalable, leaving easy access to all components to improve the configuration by adding RAM, storage, or to change the vent.Rad.

Side Price, the machine is currently offered to only 1249,99 € at Cdiscount . As a bonus, you will have a mouse and a Gaming Acer keyboard RGB . This is a good price when we see that some RTX 3070 exceed 900 €…

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