Preliminary decision in the master race?
 Bremer SV forces top

Preliminary decision in the master race? Bremer SV forces top

Leader Bremer SV has made a giant step gene championship in the title fight. In the top game against the Brinkumer SV, the Primus with a 3: 2 success retained the points on the Panzberg and now has six counters lead – with a game less. The relevant difference made the two attackers listening to the surname Diop. Lamine Diop, doubled by volley and a free-kick (30th, 70th), opened the door for the top game success. Shortly thereafter, his namesake Mamadou Ibrahima with the interim 3-0 to Nankishi cross pass made the lid on it (81.). The guests from Brinkum first woke up after the top game was already decided – the two head ball tastes of Janssen (86.) and Dalkiran (90. + 3) were so only a result cosmetics.

Six Weeks That Turned The 2017 F1 Title Race

Werder III Furio – resolution phenomena at HAVEHAUSEN and BORGEFELD

In the basement, only the SV Werder Bremen III (15th place) is allowed to make a small hope of the league. The professional reserve drove a significant 7: 1 home win against the already fixed relegated relegated Hausen. At the same time the SG Aumund vegesack (14th place 14) lost the SV Hemelingen with 1: 3, the Weser continues to have the chance to climb over the line at the end. When playing more, Werder III still separate six points from the SGAV.

Not only the HAVEHAUSER SV showed resolution reliefs last weekend. The second already fixed relegation from Borgfeld came at the 0: 6 against the SFL Bremerhaven – which thus secured the league – belonging under the wheels. The team of Michel Ducos already collected the 131st goal this season!

Hastedt immediately before the abyss

The BSC Hatedt now needs a football wonder to be represented next year in the Oberliga. After the 0: 2 in Schlythausen, the BSC separated twelve points from the saving shore. So the SG Aumund vegesack so still get a single point or you just leave a lounger for HasteDt in the coming year in Liga six.

In the noble country of the table, the BTS Neustadt and the ESC Geeestemünde separated 0: 3. Away wins were also allowed to build the Blumenthaler SV – 5: 1 against the Lehr Turnerschaft – and the KSV Vatan Sport – 2: 1 against the FC Union 60 Bremen -. Torlos ended the meeting between the TuS Komet Arsten and the OSC Bremerhaven.

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