Newborn Indie Game Team Sponsorship, Smile Gate 2nd Indigo held

Newborn Indie Game Team Sponsorship, Smile Gate 2nd Indigo held

On the 25th, Smile Gate Futurea (Futures Labs) said this Indie Game Creative Competition “2022 Indigo” will be held until May 22nd.

This Futurap Competition is to discover the initial indie game creative team with potential, and will be held for the purpose of building a community through the donation and lecture between Indie Game Line / Junior. Anyone who is a creator that develops an indie game that is not yet released on the platform, not yet registered, and anyone is able to support any1. The competition of this year, the competition of the Indie Games shared the creative philosophy and know-how together, and the creation of the creative philosophy and know-how, and “INDIE + GO (Keep Going).

2022 Indigo is a sponsoring Indie Developer Bepex, Cornfield, Rabbit Hall Games and Futurabing together. In the examination, the team / game introduction and prototype are comprehensively reviewed, and we will focus on the novelty, completeness and fun of the game. As the total prize money is 12 million won, all selected teams are provided in the PU treatment, the youngest creative support program, which is conducted in the Fercher Raw, and the 14th interview opportunity is provided.

Game Theory: The Disturbing Lore Of Lily's Garden

This Indigo is a senior and fellow development, which is a senior and fellow development, which has completed SGM. After the first competition, they have completed SGM to sponsors the prize for the initial creator, sympathetic to the acquisition of a new creator and supports the prize of the competition. On June 3, the Meet UP will also be promoted to meet fellow creators, regardless of whether they are award,

Kassel Games Hwang Sung-jin, who sponsored Indie Games Creators in the last competition, said, “I wanted to contribute to the creators to push and lead to a culture that will be powered by each other,” he said.

“I would like to ask for a lot of interest and participation in Indie Gaming Creators,” I am going to participate in many interests and participation in Indie Gaming Creators, ” I will not spell investment and support so that it could be the basis of the ground. “

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