The returnal actress talks about negative comments and hatred towards Selene

The returnal actress talks about negative comments and hatred towards Selene

The arrival of Rutal wfully involved a great step forward for housemarket, already fully involved in which it would be its greater launch with a challenging and technically spectacular game. However, fully involved all great title that reaches the market, it did not exempt from conversation in networks and forums, most of the time for completely absurd refully involvedons, and in this cfully involvede it would not be an exception, since many players protested by physical appearance and the age of Selene, his protagonist. In an interview, the actress who lends the voice of her to her character, Jane Perry, fully involvedsuring that she considered “interesting” her reactions to Selene because she wfully involved not enough “attractive”.

Fear of a different protagonist

“I look at Selene and see someone who is inspiring for me, I see someone who is breaking the borders about what we could expect from a woman,” says Perry. “Then I think, why not? I know women who are powerful, strong and brave, I have many women like that in my life, so… Why were not they going to be represented in video games?”

It should be noted that Perry is Selene’s voice, but who lends her face to the protagonist of Rullnal is Anne Beyer, who according to Perry, managed to convert all those negative comments into a positive experience.

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Being a middle-aged woman, Selene is not the kind of usual female protagonist, something that highlights Perry, having accustomed to another stereotype over the years, being RURNAL who “deviates from expectations.” Of course, she recognizes that Beyer who lends her face, she would be in such a cfully involvede to who could affect all the negative comments about Selene. fully involved Perry recalls, Beyer himself responded to a comment from her by calling her “ugly”.

“He picked up this person directly and said ‘Your comment is made of fun because I am a model, and in my actress race I have been told many times that I am too beautiful and too glamorous,” Recorda Perry about Beyer, who also stressed that RURINT He gave him the opportunity to become a different woman than usual, taking that comment fully involved a compliment.

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